MatrixLeaks: 2011

New blame for 9 / 11

When 9/11 first occurred, many people were devastated. Speculations ran around in the early days, but the American government assured us that it was masterminded by Osama bin Laden who had hired and trained Saudi nationals to complete the task. Eventually, it was claimed that Saddam Hussein was also involved and that we needed to invade Iraq, leaving us fighting two fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan. A few years later, after we’ve captured Hussein, we’re told bin Laden isn’t all that important and that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is the evil mastermind behind 9/11. He was, apparently, part of al-Qaida, so there was still a need to capture bin Laden, but Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is the person who is responsible for the entire mess we have gotten ourselves into. He has now confessed to numerous plots ranging from the Daniel Pearl murder to the Richard Reid shoe bombings.

Since 9/11 we have seen the shift in responsibility for the event shift to suit the needs of those in power in the American government. First, we went into Afghanistan because that’s where we were told Osama bin Laden was. Next, we moved on to Iraq because there was some convoluted claims about a connection between bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Anyone who understood the region and the people involved knew this was not true, but the story was sold to the American people and the United States invaded and overthrew the Iraqi regime.

Now that we have pulled out of Iraq, at the request of the Iraqi government, the American government feels the need to shift the blame of 9/11 yet again to its newly perceived enemy, Iran. This past week, a New York  judge found that Tehran is liable in the 9/11 attacks.

On Thursday, Judge George Daniels in Manhattan signed a default judgment finding Iran, the Taliban and al-Qaida liable in the 2001 attacks. The ruling came in a $100 billion lawsuit brought by family members of victims.

The findings also said Iran provides al-Qaida members a safe haven.

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has repeatedly denied any Iranian connection to the Sept. 11 attacks or to al-Qaida.

CBS News has more details on the findings.

Daniels signed findings of fact saying the plaintiffs had established that the 2001 attacks were caused by the support the defendants provided to al Qaeda. The findings also said Iran continues to provide material support and resources to al Qaeda by providing a safe haven for al Qaeda leadership and rank-and-file al Qaeda members.
During last week’s open-court hearing, family members of Sept. 11 victims sat through a four-hour presentation from attorneys who cited evidence supporting their claims that Iran actively assisted the hijackers of planes that crashed into the World Trade Center towers, at the Pentagon and into a field in Pennsylvania. Former members of the Sept. 11 Commission and three Iranian defectors also spoke.

The judge accepted as fact the Plaintiff’s evidence solely because the other party, in this case the country of Iran, did not show up in court. Iran has repeatedly stated that they have no involvement with al-Quaida.

Saudi Arabia had been knocked out of the lawsuit, but lawyers filed papers on Thursday to reinstate Saudi Arabia as a defendant.

Saudi Arabia. The home of 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers. Why was it knocked out of the lawsuit? Why is there no responsibility placed on Saudi Arabia?

The story is now out there. Just how many countries are ultimately going to be responsible for 9/11?Will the American people blindly accept these findings or will they actually question what is happening before the United States gets itself involved in another war?

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Shame of the Nation

Many sex-related stories captured popular attention in 2011. Most upsetting, many of the incidents involved sexual violence. Taken together, they indicate something bigger, deeper, taking place in America, a social crisis. It’s as if the body politic is moaning, declaring that sexual intimacy, too, is a terrain of the mounting social crisis.

A number of nonviolent incidents are illustrative. Most pathetic, the outing of Herman Cain for an increasing number of disturbing actions involving women (e.g., pay-offs related to sexual harassment suits and an extramarital “friendship” with a woman his wife didn’t know about) forced him out of the Republican presidential race. The Cain incident followed the outings of Congressmen Anthony Weiner (D-NY), Chris Lee (R-NY) and Mark Souder (R-IN) for inappropriate sex-related conduct, conduct that led to their resignations.
Sexual politics also drew national attention. The Republican Congress and many Republican-controlled state legislatures continued their culture-wars campaign to end Roe, to restrict sex education and to cut funding for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. The U.S. military ended Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell, enabling “out” gay people to serve their country. This sets the stage for a push to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), something that might happend if Obama and the Congressional Democrats win in 2012. Tilting to the right in anticipation of the 2012 campaign, President Obama backed HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ decision to require girls under 17 years to get a doctor’s prescription for Plan B, the morning-after contraceptive pill.

However, the killing of ten female prostitutes on eastern Long Island remains an unsolved crime, raising questions about law enforcement’s ability to solve horrendous sex crimes. The “justice” system is either clueless (like the “Intelligence” establishment per 9/11) or complicit (like so many police and prosecutor per DNA exonerations). And then there are the revelations about alleged sexual crimes committed by athletic coaches toward young boys and underage youths and the institutional cover-ups that kept them quiet for years.

More troubling are the findings of a recently released report from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) documenting the alarmingly high level of sexual violence among intimate partners, violence most often perpetrated by men against women. According to Linda Degutis, director of the CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, the study found that “almost one in five women have been raped in their lifetime ….” She added, this “is very striking and, I think, will be surprising to a lot of people.”

This is an invaluable study that confirms what many knew for years: American is a terrain of widespread sexual conflict. However, as a government document, it reflects a disturbing lack of intellectual boldness. Its proposals (like the First Lady’s anti-obesity campaign) are well meaning, but neither really address the problem nor are likely to accomplish much. As it insists, “Collective action is needed to implement prevention approaches, ensure appropriate responses, and support these efforts based on strong data and research.”

Worse still but expected, it doesn’t link reported incidents of sexual violence to the nation’s social context, particularly the mounting crisis of the Great Recession. It doesn’t ask respondents if violence has increased over the last 4 to 5 years, due to financial hardship. Nevertheless, reading between the lines, the study is a testament to one of the hidden costs associated with the mounting economic, social and political crisis.

The CDC’s report on intimate sexual violence is one scary document. It is formally titled, “The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS)". It is an empirical survey based on some 16,000 24-minute telephone interviews conducted in English and Spanish. It reports that, on average, 24 people per minute in the U.S. are victims of rape, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner.

Each year, more than 12 million American women and men face some form of sexual violence, be it rape, physical assault (i.e., “intimate partner violence”) or stalking. Most shocking, an estimated 1.3 million women are raped each year! Given the shame that still envelops sex in the country, one can expected many survey respondents to have not told the whole truth.

Nevertheless, the study’s findings are disturbing:

* More than 1 in 3 women (35.6% or approximately 42.4 million) have experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner at some point in their lifetime

* Nearly 1 in 5 women has been raped during their lifetime. Approximately four-fifths (80%) of female victims of rape were first raped before age 25.

* About 1 in 4 women has been a victim of severe physical violence by an intimate partner in her lifetime. Nearly 3-out-of-4 (70%) of female victims experienced were victims before the age of 25.

* About 1 in 6 women has been a victim of stalking during her lifetime.

of sexual violence knew their perpetrator. The perpetrator was most often an intimate partner or acquaintance, seldom a stranger. This characteristic is common to the pedophile.

Reflecting a new sexual consciousness, the study found that a man could also be the victim of sexual violence. The CDC study found:

* More than one-quarter of male rape victims were first raped when they were 10 years old or younger.

* About 1 in 7 men has experienced severe physical violence by an intimate partner at some point in their lifetime.

* More then half (53%) of male victims experienced some form of intimate partner violence for the first time before age of 25. More than a quarter (28%) of male victims of rape reported that they were first assaulted when they were no older than 10.

For women and men, violence is an intimate feature of American sexual culture.

One of the study’s troubling findings concerns the relationship of ethnicity and sexual violence; the study does not analyze its findings in terms of family income. Intimate partner violence is widespread among minority communities: approximately 4 out of every 10 non-Hispanic Black women, 4 out of every 10 American Indian or Alaska Native women (43.7% and 46.0%, respectively), and 1 in 2 multiracial non-Hispanic women (53.8%) have been the victim intimate partner violence in their lifetime. Among the other racial/ethnic groups of women, about one-third of White non-Hispanic women (34.6%), more than one-third of Hispanic women (37.1%), and about one-fifth of Asian or Pacific Islander non-Hispanic women (19.6%).

The CDC study defines rape as completed forced penetration, forced-penetration facilitated by drugs or alcohol, or attempted forced penetration. It found that 1 percent of women surveyed reported being raped in the previous year; in the U.S., an estimated 1.3 million women are raped annually.

The CDC findings are significantly higher than previous federal estimates of violent sex crimes. The most widely cited estimates of sexual violence in America are from the Department of Justice. It estimates that, in 2010 188,000 Americans were victims of sexual violence. Of these, the Federal Bureau of Investigation specified 85,000 as forcible rapes. No federal agency seems to have attempted to reconcile the differences between these conflicting estimates.

The significant difference between the CDC estimates and the FBI reports of forced rape — 1.3 million vs. 85,000 — suggests the vast divide between the informal, popular experience (what really happens) and the formal, official report (the social fiction). The ideological orientation of most government agencies, whether at the local, state or federal level, is to minimize troubling information and to maximize glowing fictions. Occasionally, the truth sneaks out. This CDC report is such a disclosure, a scary reminder of just how primitive, patriarchal America remains.

The CDC report does not link its findings to the decline in the divorce rate. The U.S. divorce rate peaked in 1981 at 5.3 divorces per 1,000 marriages; in 2010, it was at 3.6 divorces per 1,000.

A number of factors have contributed to this decline. One is life-style changes. Since 1970, the number of unmarried couples who are living together has increased tenfold. Another is a campaign by the Christian, Republican right at the state level to make it harder to get a divorce. In state legislatures across the country, they have pushed to extend the divorce waiting-period, propose “covenant” marriages or require pre-marital and divorce education classes.

Another factor is the recession. For many couples, the crisis has made things more difficult, financially and emotionally, thus making it harder separate. There has been a recent spike in the divorce rate, but many couples are forced to persist in bad relations and one can only image this fueling intimate violence, likely making things worse.

How this all holds together, how Herman Cain’s sexual harassment suits fit with intimate sexual violence among, for example, white, non-Hispanic women, is yet to be determined. What is clear is that sex matters, that intimacy too-often involves violence and the deepening economic crisis seems to only make matters worse. Sexual violence is the shame of the nation.

David Rosen is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusionforthcoming from AK Press. He can be reached at

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Dossier OBAMA - Who is Obama really?

Current U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama has failed to maintain popularity with the beginning of the term when he was elected as the first dark-skinned American president in history after eight years of government hated Republican George W. Bush, the U.S. returned somewhat in popularity that the world has been reduced and compromised as when little earlier. Since Obama was expected a lot, great as was his promise, but now at the end of the mandate of the first black person in the White House, no more and no trace of euphoria about the Nobel Peace Prize, which will get before it is earned, and obviously, the this term is not deserved.

One of the biggest controversies during the presidency of Barack Obama was the question of his citizenship because he is on the right in every way tried to prove that Obama was not born in America and therefore, by law can not be president. Was it a mere figment of the Republican and American right-wingers of all kinds, fixation wannabe presidential candidate Donald Trump and stupid Sarah Palin  or something more serious?

    Historical president, leader of the U.S. change?

Biography of Barack Hussein (Muhammad) Obama is so complicated that the reason many ordinary people acting unbelievable that so unsettled with life, with so many changes of residence, school, name and religion, can work up the case (at least seemingly) important functions in state - the position of President of the United States. Of course, assuming that the American president really takes national policies and not only there to take pictures, welcoming people and speaking.

Barack Obama in an official biography was born in a tough global score on the Hawaiian island of Oahu (Hawaii is located in the middle of the Pacific), the father is originally from Kenya and who is interstate exchange students arrived in the United States to study. From his biography shows that he was an alcoholic who frequently changed his place of residence and women, was willing to bigamy, and that made the children wherever he came, and came to Hawaii and the 1961st where he charmed an underage white woman from wealthy merchant families Dunham.

Photo: This is reportedly the biological father of Barack Obama's student days. Note that the background images unusually enlightened and so we can not identify where he really made this photo.

The photograph you see, it can be concluded that Barack Obama in his father does not resemble. This is the man with whom Obama's "official" mother Stanley Ann Dunham was the opposition of his parents fled and married him.

Obama Jr. was born, supposedly in Hawaii 4th August 1961. , and his mother, who only a year before she enrolled at the University of Hawaii, was immediately moved to Washington state. From the available documentation, the local university, it is evident that she was already in September 1961st she was enrolled there as a student. As there is no baby of the month. And there was written two years (as reflected in the documentation), to again 1963rd year her name was included on the list of college students in Hawaii. A strange mother.

However, this official biographical data will still be involved. Marriage to a senior Obama Kenyans soon fell through, and Stanley Ann Dunham goes to work at the other end of the world, to Indonesia and became Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro and Ann Dunham Soetoro and Ann Soetoro ... Is this one and the same person, it was never confirmed, but it is evident that these names appear on many travel and other documents in Indonesia, Pakistan, in Lebanon and in various U.S. states.

Photo: Pakistani, Lebanese or American? It is difficult to conclude from the many photos that allegedly the same person? Ann Soetoro in Indonesia, Stanley Ann Dunham in high school in Lebanon and Stanley Ann Dunham as eight years old in first grade in elementary school in Oklahoma, 1951.

Soon he met with other future husband, Asians and Muslims Lola Soetoro, and concluded a second marriage in Indonesia. Little Barack then change the name and surname of Barry Soetoro. But, apparently, and citizenship.

And this marriage has failed, a small Beri, when he was 11 years, I returned to the U.S., with her grandparents, there to attend high school and again becomes Barack Obama Barry. (Although he was in high school and university in Columbia are still using the name Barry Soetoro and Barry Obama). After high school, young Barack went to California to Occidental College to study art, but soon left that school and moves to the other end of the United States at the prestigious Columbia University, studying political science. (In the official biography of the current U.S. president to explain his desire to broaden horizons) Apparently, there it is I find Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, one of the most controversial figures of American politics, or rather the political intelligence of the underworld.

After he allegedly graduated from Columbia University (where none of the students of this generation do not remember any of Barack Obama and Beriah Soetoroa), within the law school at Harvard and soon found work in the metropolis in the prestigious Chicago law firm. There he meets his wife to Michael, which he introduces into the world of law, and Barry (at that time already becoming Barack Obama) as a man of his career starts immediately engaged with the social work of collecting money for various funds for the poor, and soon built a strong good business and political contacts and links. The next step was the Senate, and Obama became a Senator of Illinois. As a mongrel race that promises, it is relatively easy collected millions of dollars to campaign for U.S. president in November 2008. The sat in the chair, "the most powerful statesman" of the world, "most democratic country in the world."
About how many schools (primary, secondary, university) has changed this man obviously could write a whole book. The same is true of his alleged mother.

Conscript named Barack Obama, filed in 1980. year. This means that Barry Soetoro as an Indonesian citizen then no longer exist.

Unfortunately, his success could not share with him or his father or stepfather, or mother, because all of a sudden were killed or died. Neither his grandfather Stanley Armour Dunham, a white man who had such a big heart to accept a small "negro" for the grandchildren (which in America is still not easy) is no longer alive, and believe it or not, and his grandmother Madelyn Lee Payne died suddenly the day before Barack became president.
However, Beriah, Barack Hussein Obama, nothing could depress his way toward fulfilling campaign promises he made - and they are all gathered in one phrase that says: "The changes that we believe.

   Sowing illusions

As a man who speaks well, Barack Obama has convinced millions of black Americans that a change in their life is possible, because most of them are still living miserably. And if he managed to finish the prestigious Columbia University and became president in America is obviously anything is possible.

The lesson from this biography of Barack Obama is that in a democracy prevailing in the United States, in a country where race and religion are intermingled as nowhere else, anyone can become president - regardless of skin color, origin, parents, religion, place of birth and social status. Otherwise, Obama in his speeches, insists that comes from a poor family. This is because America is a "promised land" for all, equal society that we all have the same rights and opportunities for success and those who descended from the nobility and those who are descended from African slaves imported. The U.S. company that offers everyone an equal chance to become someone and something to enrich themselves, even if get to the position of the first man of the state administration and the army. Barack Obama at the 44th President of the United States a "proof" that the American dream of success as a reality and not just a story.

However, it soon discovered that almost any information from the biographies of the American president is not reliable and verifiable. And not just when it comes to his biography, but also a biography of his father, stepfather, mother, grandfather, grandmother ...
The first hint that something is wrong is the birth certificate in Hawaii, which is a marriage Obama showed in his election campaign. In this document, there were many errors and is probably a forgery. In addition to the signatures of registrars were stained, it was stated the name of the hospital or the doctor who was present at the birth of a child, a racial designation for the father who is listed as African American, is controversial because blacks were not so politically correct way at that time enrolled 1961st years, since the document dates. Then were written simply as - black or negro. Only later was carried out campaigns to fix things and, therefore, if Obama actually registered in the birth in Hawaii, the forger was a mistake because it was supposed to place African American to write a "negro."
 Several independent journalists demanded that they be granted access to birth registration, which was added to Barack Obama and by the court relying on United States law on access to information, but although such information is public, suddenly decided on the data for Obama declared  - " inaccessible to the public. "

Then someone came up to officially request in Mombasa, Kenya birth certificate for the 1961st year, as word spread that there was a Barack Obama was born just at that time (1961.), but the authorities there and hastily made decision that the document can not be made available to the public.

And papers on the introduction of the Indonesian citizenship for Barack Obama, or Sobaracka (as in a travel document, written) and Beriah Soetoroa in Indonesia have overnight become "inaccessible to the public." And finally rekindled great suspicion. Launched the extensive journalistic investigation by the U.S. in the Dunham family, Payne, Obama, an investigation by Kenya and Indonesia, as well as family Soetoro.

And believe it or not - neither the name of the president's official biography has no relatives, no friends or schoolmates, faculty colleagues, neighbors who could confirm that they are well known to that person, and even an opportunity and took pictures with them. And those few who have had at least some memory of the names mentioned in the biography of an American president also expressed some of the information is even less fit in the whole picture, and they even were in stark contrast to official figures. The only "witnesses" who knew something as anonymous or paid agents of the task. And their statements to the media only recognize the impact.
It is interesting that today, in Hawaii no one remembers Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, though the name of Stanley characteristic because it did not usually a female name, and she was named after his father, who allegedly wanted a son. Why man's name? As if parents know that they will have only one child and you will never have a son, gave her the name Stanley Ann. This name, however, occurs in various parts of the United States and in various documents, but also at different addresses as Stanley Dunham and Ann Dunham, as well as Ann Dunham Soetoro, and then only Ann Soetoro and Stanley Ann Dunham Madelyn. Most intriguing is that the signatures on various documents of the person being called so very different, as it's more than one person. If it comes to the same person, there is no doubt that very frequently moved.

Of course, if Barack Obama was not born on U.S. soil, he can be president.And in Hawaii is, it is well known, easily obtained American citizenship.

This investigation in connection with the biography of an American president seized it so much momentum in the U.S. that certain services, which were tasked to protect it, meted out to all of the dust that is raised in the alternative media channel so you will among the researchers put their own people. And one of those "doubters" suddenly became a self-proclaimed candidate for presidential elections 2012th year, Soros tycoon for construction jobs Donald Trump. Trump is the American public more commonly known as a womanizer and a man with funny hair, while his business simply "business" that works so tycoon works with other people's money, from whom it takes its commission tycoon.
So Trump was asked to express doubt that Obama's birth certificate is authentic and has requested that this examination. The result was that the competent service in Hawaii after three years of silence "public pressure" and the influential Trump, however, issued that famous document - a birth certificate. And Trump was pleased because it put the point in this case. And Obama was happy because he was "tired of the conspiracy theories."

Of course, this time it was a slightly better quality of forgery, but still - where are the obvious forgery smuggled computer data of another child born 1961. This question, falsifying birth certificates remained unexplained.

President Obama on all of this did not react. It was no presidential of him because as a serious man and a civil servant should probably order to investigate who did it must forge government documents. But he laughed and radio jokes on this subject, on account of Trump and all the doubters. Obama is in fact very similar to former actor Ronald Reagan White House. Both are obviously just puppets for the entertainment of millions of uneducated and gullible Americans.

But let's look a little more logical whole story. If someone from the shadows was concerned that the top position in the country put a black person, mestizo, from a poor African family to prove that in the United States in the American Dream achievable for all the people who were born here, why he was elected just someone who can not prove that indeed born on U.S. soil, even in Hawaii? Because America is a full black, full of crosses, Chinese, Indus, Hispanic Americans, and millions have U.S. citizenship, many also have degrees from U.S. state or private colleges and have a theoretically even better chance to be set up as puppets in the White House. Why was it needed someone so complicated biography, that even the average intelligent man, clearly it is fabricated. Even the many family photos of Barack Obama's apparent photomontage, while some say the least strange. Let's look at a few interesting photographs:

One gets to the viewer of these photographs the impression that Barry simply "thrown" into this picture from high school 1977th in Hawaii and is disproportionately higher than the other and keeps the ball in his lap (strangely bent left arm) that usually keep those images in the first place team. Because these balls are only for Barack does not see the inscription on the jersey number. His right arm was placed over the hands of a guy next to him so we can see again mentioned overlap. Note that the right hand of the blue guy on the right side of Obama's shoulders slightly brighter than other parts of the body. As it is inserted with the other photos. Teammates in the first place are not as compressed. Where it really taken this Barack (Barry) and why is his neck slightly darker color than the body? For other players it is not the case, which means it does not matter the same angle at which light falls on everything.

Photograph showing Obama as a graduate in Hawaii is obvious photo montage with inserted background which does not correspond to the event. Not only do we all look the other way, but the bulk and color to see the background on some entirely different event

  Profession agent, biography fabricated like in the movies

If Barry got this scholarship, and it is likely that this was a logical reason that he abandoned his studies of art at Occidental College in Los Angeles after two years, and then go to Columbia University in New York, to political science. A second question that arises is that the citizen Barry Soetoro or Barack Obama had then? Kenyan or Indonesian? The U.S. could not have had if he was a Fulbright scholar at Columbia University.

The official biography of this figure of course does not mention a story about the agency seeks Fulbrigt's scholarship show as pure fabrication. What is then the reason for the change of faculties and of studies? Ultimately, whether Barry Soetoro, and Barack Obama the same person? Barry Soetoro attended a Catholic elementary school, St. Fransiscus Assisi in Jakarta that they could attend only those who have Indonesian citizenship. Dual citizenship was not possible. So Barry Soetoro was a time when he lived in Indonesia could only be a citizen of Indonesia. This enabled him to 1981st was no problem staying in Pakistan at the time of political friction, which is orchestrated by the U.S. Secret Service, and he was her agent. It is interesting that in the passport, Ann Soetoro was located the child's name Sobarak Hussein Obama. This is, apparently added as an Indonesian name just so that Barry got Indonesian citizenship as an "adopted" son of Lola Soete and that has nothing to do with U.S. citizenship. Thus, if Ann Dunham gave false information about their child's citizenship or Sobarak-Barry actually born in Indonesia, trained to work for the agency and the CIA prepared for it from an early age and sent to school in the U.S.? For that task, Barry could be destined, if his parents in some way were CIA agents, but also grandparents.
It is interesting that after his studies at Columbia University, where Barry is a graduate of political science, it suddenly became important to enter law school at Harvard. Is it because it was waiting for a place in a law office in Chicago where it will move its training for senators and the president of the United States? To Barry enrolled there intervened a well-known Saudi lawyer Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour, which is the American Negro circles known as "orthodox Muslim" and "declared black nationalist," "international mediation", an educator and "notable enemy" of Israel. This obviously a professional agitator and agent, otherwise it would, if it is not, but was accused of nationalism, anti-Semitism and racial hatred and much, while sitting in a large number of administrative committees such as the Saudi African Bank or company LaGray Chemical Co. . based in Chicago. Chicago is, otherwise, the main electoral and political base of Barack Obama and his chief political guru was Rahm Emanuel who was his first chief of staff, and then was appointed to the position of mayor of Chicago, where he is today.

Rham Emanuel at the inauguration of President Barack Obama (left) and as a personal prompter President at public appearances. Emanuelov father of Benjamin, according to available data, was a member of the Irgun terrorist organization from Israel, and Rahm has dual citizenship, U.S. and Israel, as well as an agent of Mossad in Israel, served in the army where he lost a finger. He was also a member of the Serbian cabinet in Congress, which is in fact an ordinary clan who uses his position to legally racketeering various states. And Serbia had to pay a certain amount. Serbian "negotiator" for Kosovo, certain Borko Stefanovic, who was trained for these jobs in the United States, and because it no sovereign state would not put to any government position, he boasted publicly that he was a friend of Rahm Emanuel. Now you see that the whole game around Kosovo one big farce in which the role was given to many fools. Gains have only the Rockefellers and their business cartels (with abundant crime, trafficking in heroin and other CIA dirty work op. The hidden).

Although Obama after the study began working in a private company, the job is left after a year and moved into profit, but well-funded NGOs. And it could only do so on behalf of the CIA, because why would someone from profitable business entered into a non-profit? Many believe that Halid Al Mansur was actually protruding arm of the Saudi King Abdulla for his work in the U.S., and conclude that Barack Obama inserted Saudi staff at the White House. In this and see why this is, formally, "the most powerful leader in the world" gave Saudi king. However, many forget that all these legal and political schools that pay for future synthetic political leaders do not give the right knowledge (science and technology), but most of them created pseudo-educated elite. For, what is the real power of Saudi Arabia without oil as a strategic global energy source, which it exploits to the interests of imperial oligarchy in London at the same time maintaining the price of dollars. In the event of changes in technology, for example, ejection of oil as fuel, virtually the entire Middle East would be useless sand, and their huge capital and investments around the world (read: empire), plain paper, which became worthless overnight. And how will the technology be used to decide who has the knowledge and resources available. That knowledge it keeps the Vatican over a number of very hidden societies.

   The Manchurian candidate

Halid Al Mansur obviously was not a Saudi player, but he has a role to create cadres among Muslims and blacks who will serve as political puppets of transnational corporate business and all other activities associated with it, and this is provoking ethnic conflicts and wars in the region where Corporations have their jobs. And they all end up on the list of CIA agents. This is not new because it is hundreds of years, the ruling elite chose their successors and their agents - the perpetrators. Today, the choices in secondary schools or universities, and it is not the best students because they recruit the best manufacturing companies, but rather choose the "Manchurian Candidate", and that the mental circuits suitable for manipulation.

These are small people with large vanity, which are pliable, greedy and gullible, flighty, sexually deviant and mostly psychologically unformed personality. They are easy to blackmail and make stupid. If you give them money, fomally, pseudo education and social status of which are only imagined, they become extremely self-love and frantically trying to keep their status. To this end, ready to do whatever is required of them. Even kill. So, that citizenship could be Barry Soetoro or Barack Obama when he applied for a Fulbright scholarship?

John S. Torell, who has researched Obama's biography states that it is possible that Obama was born in Kenya because of his alleged mother, Ann Dunham, with his biological father, Obama Senior, was in Kenya 1961st year, then, just before Barack was born. When they planned to return to Hawaii, they were not allowed to enter the plane by the Americans, so little Barack was born on 04th August 1961. in Kenya, and consequently the birth certificate in Hawaii apparently forged. Interestingly, the fact that Kenya at that time was formally a British colony and is Barack is actually a citizen of the British Commonwealth, but the information about Kenya, almost overnight, become unavailable.

With Kenyan citizenship Barack Obama could easily go to Kenya when he was 20 years old and when he secretly sent on a political mission as a young "revolutionist", organized by the CIA, while "officially" went to visit his father's family.

The study of Obama's biography is engaged and Don Nicoloff states that information that came from a Mossad's sources. This "revolutionist" work was aimed at the destruction of the former Kenyan government. All data on this, Nicoloff said, were published in a documentary film that shows Obama as an agent who is already at that time, 1980., 81, and 83, was engaged in such jobs. This film was apparently removed from the Internet just 24 hours after being placed, according to Nicoloff. Also, claims that Obama had, thus far, Indonesian citizenship, but was changed to Kenya. Evidence for this assertion is not, however, unless the alleged witnesses from Kenya who were raised in the documentary. The main source of information for the senator's Kenyan "cousin", who was opposition leader twenty years ago, Luo Raila Odinga. Even some Kenyan sources have confirmed that the second Barack's middle name was Mohammed.

"Obama Senior was murdered in Kenya 1982nd year and actually silenced. Barack's sister Auma, who he actually is not half-sister, as he says, driven out in 2007. back to Kenya in order to avoid DNA testing" confirmed Nicoloff source from Mossad. The same Mossad source has claimed that there was no blood relationship between Barack Obama and Dunham families. He also states that the biological father of Barack Obama's likely Frank Marshall Davis (1905th to 1987th), declared communists and leftists, originally from Chicago. There is a CIA agent working as a spy by leftist-oriented artists and is sent on a mission to Hawaii. Davis was married to a white woman with whom he has four daughters and a son, and he had a motto for writing what Barack is apparently inherited from him. Marshall knew Obama's grandfather Stanley.

  Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Satanists, Jews, leftists and revolutionary briefly Jesuit

In any case, Barack Hussein (Muhammad) in the White House and I was blessed by Pope Benedict XVI, and it was not normal. And Hussein Obama, who says he is Christian and who slaughter the Saudi king and his father was a Muslim at the same loving hand and the Pope. The way that Barack Obama holds his speeches are like a missionary preaching, and his inauguration into the White House resembled a large Catholic mass. That is 44th U.S. President a man with multiple faces is clear. And this is characteristic of Jesuit students. After all, the Catholic (Jesuit) Georgetown University was his second home, as he himself said on one occasion.

He says part of the Jesuit oath:

"My son, now you have learned to play the hidden - among Catholics to be Catholic and that spy own fraternity, that you do not believe any one man, nor a man, among the reformists to be a reformer, to be among the Huguenot Huguenot, among the Calvinists, to be Calvinist. Among the Protestants to be a Protestant, and gaining their trust to keep even the word from their pulpits and to denounce his force of his being of our holy religion and our Pope. And you're able to bring it down so low as to become a Jew among Jews, which will allow you to collect all information for your turn as a loyal soldier of the Pope ... "

Even the visible and links with other Jesuit staff at the White House number. Michelle Obama has been working in the Chicago Loop law firm Law, Sidley Austin in Chicago, where she met Barack, was a mentor to his younger colleagues Mike Strautmanis who later became a legal adviser to Barack Obama's presidential team. Strautmanis was educated in Jesuit St. Ignatius College Prep, and this is one of the best Catholic schools in Chicago. Obama's mentor in Chicago and Gregory Galucho ex-Jesuit priest, who in his book, "Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography", mentioned by Webster Tarpley.

Obama's chief speech writer, John Favre, who was trained by Jesuits. Obama's senior military and political adviser to retired Gen. J. Scott Gration, also a Jesuit student.

Obama's deputy communications director, Don Pfieffer learned a Jesuit. How many Jesuits have Obama on your team knows and no one writes about them as an American historian Lawrence, they are not only priests but also traders, Wall Street bankers, editors, journalists and people of any profession and any religion. Do not carry the label of recognition but they are still brains policies that will celebrate the work of 44th President of the United States, and they have long pulled the strings and making important decisions at the Pentagon.

Do you then wonder if Barack Obama to public appearances showing two fingers as a famous Satanic salute, or with his environment and his wife publicly welcomed by striking with a clenched fist, which shows their rebellion, although he is the president, or when, as a declared Christian organize a party for Halloween.

Obama said that the religious instruction given by the grandparents that he claims were Baptists, but it is true that they were followers of the Unitarian church, which means you do not have to accept the existence of God. Does it or does not know Obama, or he is completely still? Before the latter because of his scholarship, and commission have only one religion, and this is the force and power. This is Satanism. So Obama is a man of faith. Is Obama, a political "janissary" Precisely designed to be a universal player: and to be a Muslim, and Christian, and Catholic and Baptist, and a communist and an atheist, and if necessary, a Zionist, although he claims that it was not a Jew?

So perfectly mannered character as a political robot programmed for wide use, it can in one hand to hold the Nobel Peace Prize, a second post, its formal signature, planes to bomb Afghanistan, Libya or Pakistan or wherever needed. It can be a symbol of change and hope for poor blacks in the U.S., because the story so beautifully and I come from a poor family, and then go to receptions at the Buckingham  palace hanging out with the richest queen of the world. Maybe it was that when he whispered to the U.S. or in Africa to his countrymen the misery and poverty are becoming intolerable?

So perhaps the best argument Don Nicoloff , who was exploring the Obama biography, came to the conclusion that it is systematically brought up child to be exactly that, and it was achieved in certain circles, and using the services of selected agents. And Barack 'mother' Ann Dunham and 'grandmother' Madelyn Payne and 'grandfather' Stanley Dunham are somehow only his surrogate parents, and in fact are agents who have a lifetime moves, depending on the task to get.
In his research, Don Nicoloff has discovered that there is no data that during 1967-1972. anyone lived in Jakarta names Lolo Soetoro, Obama's alleged stepfather, but that name was in Malaysia where he was and is headquartered Mobil Oil Co.., owned by the Rockefeller partner.

"Mother," Barack Obama, Stanley Ann Dunham, has reportedly died in the 1995th and her ashes thrown into the ocean. Just as was done with the ashes of Obama's grandmother Madelyn who was director of a bank in Hawaii. Why?

The reason could be found in the destruction of evidence for any eventual future DNA analysis, and in this way removed the ability for anyone to determine whether it is actually the "mother" surrogate mother. It is likely that DNA analysis confirmed that the Dunham family and Payne have no blood ties with Obama. Intriguing is the claim that both women actually live, but that no longer exist in the life of Barack Obama as their duty to him as a project of U.S. President synthetic complete. Permanent removal this family, the same names that are repeated from generation to generation, and even the daughter of Stanley Dunham wears his father's name Stanley Ann, the only mask that was needed to create a grand illusion.

One of the information that this family was recruited to work for the CIA because the father of Obama's grandfather, Stanley Senior Duhame was suspected of espionage and the Boeing Company is the file which states that a person of this name was involved in an attempt to sabotage an airplane at the airport in Wichita, and theft of plans for B-29 that are transferred by way of Lisbon in Nazi Germany 1944th year. Ann Dunham was chosen as the surrogate mother 1963rd year because the whole family is connected with the German intelligence service. On the basis of some Mossad sources Nicoloff said there were pictures from June or July 1961st were to Ann Dunham photographed in a bikini in Hawaii and she was not pregnant. The photos Obama Seniors from the 1960th, published on the Internet, does not appear Ann Dunham or just on one.

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You've been Trumped - Humanity and greed

Wherever you are in the world, one thing is everywhere the same. Everything revolves around green paper called money - the one who has it in abundance dictates everything, trampled on what he gets in his way, while the common man says that a small, insignificant, shit,  pardon my language!

Looking at the documentary film You've been Trumped (Duped you) British director and journalist Anthony Baxter and you can judge for themselves fall into this category of billionaire Donald Trump. The American, who would be a little run for U.S. president, some would not, he decided to seek the most appropriate course for your Golfing megalomaniac project in Europe. 

2005th he decided for Scotland because, as he says, his mother came from that country. "I have never seen such a dramatic and untouched landscape," Trump asserted. He was so keen to shore Aberdeenshire and  decided that there simply must build the best Golf course in the world - because, he said, it will brighten up one of the last pieces of wilderness and island states.

I carried you briefly through the film, and you feel free to let emotions get out. Unless you do not touch these things.

   Area of Special Interest Donald Trump

Trump decided to Scotland's collection of golf courses to add two more, what is it, anyway it is the home of golf for over five hundred, who would notice? Certainly not the local residents whose homes are found in the middle of Donald Trump land. It all began in 2005th , when Trump bought Meni Estate located near the village of Balmedie, north of Aberdeen. And how to build golf courses go hand in hand and building of apartments, Trump decided to build a huge luxury hotel, 500 private houses and 1.000 cottage. The documentary follows a multi-year struggle locals against the building of this complex and their daily harassment by Trump's employees. If you mistakenly thought that this film about a group of demonstrators and protesters who are only slightly revolt, lazy, slackers who pass, as some people would say, anti-business climate, I will correct you.

The first scene of the film showing intact landscape of the area before the arrival of Donald Trump's team. On the one hand you can see the shores of idyllic scenes, and then heavy machinery that destroys the ecosystem. I do not actually need any specialist knowledge or environmental impact study to understand what is going on here. What has many experts worried was the fate of sand dunes - the last in Scotland - which is now gone. Because this is a natural phenomenon of the four thousand year old got the end of the status of Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), which is the highest level of protection of an area. No Trumps project requires stabilization of the wind carried dunes, which actually destroys their scientific value. Baxter was interviewed by Dr. Jim Hansome from the University of Glasgow, who said he had no doubt that it is environmental catastrophe."These wilderness areas are in fact 'Scottish Amazonian rainforest'" said Hans.

"We have a great support to environmental groups," Trump repeated several times in the film, claiming for himself that he promotes the protection of the environment. However, the documentary reveals that all major environmental groups in Scotland clearly spoke against the project, including Scottish Natural Heritage, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the Scottish Wildlife Trust and the Ramblers Association. Scottish Natural Heritage - the government's Environmental Protection Agency - said that the construction of this complex to destroy the greatest jewel of the Scottish Natural Heritage. The question arises, how is it possible that Donald Trump without any problems is building golf courses? Baxter us in the film corresponds to that question. And the answer is actually very simple - money.

   Money, money, money

After he bought the land next year, Aberdeenshire Council submitted a request for construction of its Gulf complex. The report stated that his organization Trump International Golf Links (TIGL) employ more than 6,000 people and thus strengthen the British economy. However, the Planning Committee rejected the proposal of the Trumps of the 2007th year. Councillor Martin Ford said that Donald Trump's plans ignore existing planning strategy. When it seemed that some sort of justice will prevail, however, involved the Scottish Parliament and took his request back for consideration. Scottish Finance Minister John Swinney has annulled the Council's 2008th year by announcing that Trump got permission to build. Most controversial is the way in which the potential environmental damage caused by the project were ignored, because of the alleged benefits for the local economy - in which politicians, Mr. Trump is very easily persuaded. And Scottish Prime Minister Alex Salmond has supported the project, arguing that the economic benefit and job creation exceeds the value of the environment. One could say that politicians that decision the interests of the population Estate Menu subordinating economic gain. On the other hand, Paul Cheshire, a specialist London School of Economics and Political Science, which Baxter was interviewed, said that estimates of employment of local people too optimistic. As an example, he mentioned the fact that the construction of golf courses for an Irish company, employing most of its workers.

  Trump: "His farm is in a terrible state. He lives like a pig. "

The documentary also aims to somehow balance the coverage of this topic because Baxter and locals believe that the media from the beginning they inclined to Trump. One of the most powerful scenes in the film is when Dr. Kennedy, the first Dean of the Faculty Robert Gordon, returned her diploma. Are you wondering why? Because the faculty Donald Trump awarded an honorary doctorate."I will not tolerate abuse. I will not tolerate abuse of residents Menu Estate. Do not step on your neighbors, do not destroy the environment... Someone has to stand against this," Kennedy said in his emotional speech, while the returning graduates.

And the only ones who have courage to oppose the Trump and actually done something that most do not dare are just a family with Meni Estate. People who were there spent most of his life, including in the film we see the 89-year-old woman, they decided a Donald Trump not allowed to destroy the Scottish Amazon and destroys their homes. In the film you can clearly hear that Trump claimed that one of the locals, Michael Forbes, built his house on his land, and it has even decided to forcibly expropriated. But at the end of this plan was abandoned. Due to their persistence, the residents had to suffer the harassment of the Trump's  employees, especially security. Neither the police had not responded to their numerous applications, from broken water lines (more than a week) and electricity, to intentionally obstruct views people with a high pile of sand and garbage pile in front of their homes. The film reveals the true face of Donald Trump, his greed, arrogance and disregard for human rights. In several scenes you can clearly hear what he thought of the local population and to be treated. "His farm is in a terrible condition, looks like a slum area. He lives like a pig, "said Trump on Forbes, publicly and without shame.

And Baxter is in her own skin felt the power of money. Specifically, police officers were violently arrested him because he shot and tried to get answers from one Trumpovog employees. Later he said that in the UK by then no journalist has been arrested for trying to interview. Journalist's Association condemned the whole incident clearly.

Do you feel but anger, revolt, sadness, whatever? Because after watching this documentary, the only thing is you can not remain indifferent. And if you expect a happy ending, I have to disappoint you because it is in this story, unfortunately, no. But not all is bad because we are convinced that there are still people who are humanity and the environment ahead of money and greed.

The mystery is for me to live with the greed to which we agreed, says Eddie Vedder, in his poem "Society",dreaming of a society unladen materialism, more humane society where there is no place for man.

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Victims of someone's War

      CENSORED NEWS (2011)
 Note: some parts of the article are disturbing!!!

For the second year (2010) in a row, more US soldiers killed themselves (468) than died in combat, reports Cord Jefferson January 27, 2011 on Excluding accidents and illness, 462 soldiers died in combat, while 468 committed suicide. Veterans who, after serving, suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are also at high risk. The study showed that 47 percent of veterans with PTSD had thoughts of suicide before they found help. The internal anguish a soldier experiences after returning from Iraq and Afghanistan can be far more severe than that experienced during live external combat.

More than 2 million troops have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001. Those who do return often suffer from physical, psychological, and cognitive trauma. More than 40 per 100,000 men from the ages of 20 to 24 take their lives each year. Some deaths, which are not part of these statistics, are due to driving while under the influence of alcohol consumed due to depression. In 2008, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans were 75 percent more likely to die in a car accident and 148 percent more likely to die in a motorcycle accident. By making the calculations of 40 per 100,000 per year the numbers of veteran suicides reaches into the tens of thousands nationwide since the beginning of the 9/11 wars.

In 2009, there were 381 military personnel suicides , a number that also exceeded the number of combat deaths. While the military has acknowledged an increase in suicides for some years, the corporate media tends to downplay the seriousness of these deaths by pointing to improvements and blaming the victims themselves. USA Today reporter Gregg Zoroya writes on 7/20/10, (1) “After nine years of war, the Army attracts recruits ready for combat but inclined toward risky personal behavior. It’s a volatile mix that led to more deaths from suicide, drug overdoses and drinking and driving than from warfare, an Army review concludes.”

“The Marine Corps reported a decline in suicides from 52 in 2009 to 37 confirmed or suspected cases in 2010. Among active-duty Army soldiers, there were 156 potential suicides in 2010, down slightly from 162 in 2009,” writes Zoroya in an earlier article January 20, 2011.

Chris Hedges quotes former mortuary unit marine Jess Goddell, “War is disgusting and horrific,” she said. “It never leaves the people who were involved in it. The damage is far greater than the lists of casualties or cost in dollars. It permeates lifestyles. It infects cultures and people and worldviews. The war is never over for us. The fighting stops. The troops get called back. But the war goes on for those damaged by war.”

Goodell goes on to describe how the Marines exploit young people, “Every single Marine I know goes to Iraq to help,” she said. “While I was there that is what I thought. That is why I volunteered. I thought I was going to help the Iraqis. I know better now. We did the dirty work. We were used by the government. The military knows that young, single men are dangerous. We breed it in Marines. We push the testosterone. We don’t want them to be educated….We cannot question anyone. We do what we are told.”

Absent from corporate media coverage of suicide rates among the troops, is a comprehensive analysis of the nature of the war and occupations itself. Corporate media acknowledges that “The Army and the Marine Corps, which have borne the heaviest burden in Iraq and Afghanistan, have been hit the hardest, reporting a record number of suicides in 2008. This year (2009), the toll is on pace to climb even higher. When combined, the figures paint a stark portrait of loss. More than 2,100 members of the armed forces have taken their own lives since 2001, nearly triple the number of troops who have died in Afghanistan and almost half of all U.S. fatalities in Iraq.”(2)

Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder is also widely covered in the corporate media with the focus on the soldiers themselves and not the US government’s position in these wars and occupations. Corporate media’s framing of impacts on solders never questions the US policy of maintaining a military empire of occupations and wars worldwide.

Instead a bipartisan group of senators is asking President Barack Obama to change the current “insensitive” policy of not sending condolence letters to families of service members who commit suicide. A letter signed by 11 senators — 10 Democrats and one Republican — and sent May 25 urged the president to “take immediate steps to reverse the long-standing policy of withholding presidential letters of condolence” to families of troops who killed themselves. (3)

In the January 2011 issue of American Psychologist, the American Psychology Association (APA) dedicated 13 articles to detailing and celebrating a $117 million collaboration with the US Army, called Comprehensive Soldier Fitness (CSF). It’s being marketed as a resilience training to reduce if not prevent adverse psychological consequences to soldiers who endure combat. Because of the CSF emphasis on “positive psychology,”advocates call it a holistic approach to warrior training.

Criticism arose shortly after the initiative was announced – including ethical questions about whether soldiers should be trained to be desensitized to traumatic events. Psychologist Bruce Levine loudly warned politicians, military brass, and the nation that if soldiers and veterans discover that they have been deceived about the meaningfulness and necessity of their mission, it is only human for them to become more prone to emotional turmoil, which can lead to destructive behaviors for themselves and others.

“This is the largest study – 1.1 million soldiers – psychology has ever been involved in” (a “study” is a common synonym for “research project”). But when asked during an  NPR interview whether CSF would be “the largest-ever experiment,” Brigadier General Cornum, who oversees the program, responded, “Well, we’re not describing it as an experiment. We’re describing it as training.”

“It is highly unusual for the effectiveness of such a huge and consequential intervention program not to be convincingly demonstrated first in carefully conducted, randomized, controlled trials— before being rolled out under less controlled conditions,” writes Roy Eidelson, Marc Pilisuk and Stephen Soldz in

The Obama administration has quietly put into practice an escalation of policy (practicing an ‘incomplete idea’ is an awkward concept, can this be reworded or should this be an attributed quote? left over from the Bush II presidency: creating a de facto ‘presidential international assassination program.’ Court documents, evidence offered by Human Rights Watch and a special United Nations report allege that US citizens suspected of encouraging “terror” had been put on “death lists.” Reports of these ‘death lists’ show that Obama’s Director of National Intelligence told a Congressional hearing that the program was within the rights of the Executive Branch of the government and did not need to be revealed. At least two people are known to have been murdered by Central Intelligence Agency operatives under this program. When the program was challenged in a New York City court, the judge refused to rule, saying, “there are circumstances in which the executive’s decision to kill U.S. citizens overseas is constitutionally committed to the political branches and judicially unreviewable.”

A moral, ethical, and legal analysis of assassinations seems to be significantly lacking inside corporate media. The unquestioned announcement that the Obama administration has authorized assassinations of supposed terrorists, including US citizens, was on the front page of the Washington Post, January 27, 2010, by Dana Priest (4)

“After the Sept. 11 attacks, Bush gave the CIA, and later the military, authority to kill U.S. citizens abroad if strong evidence existed that an American was involved in organizing or carrying out terrorist actions against the United States or U.S. interests,” military and intelligence officials said. The evidence has to meet a certain, defined threshold. The person, for instance, has to pose “a continuing and imminent threat to U.S. persons and interests,” said one former intelligence official. The Obama administration has adopted the same stance. If a U.S. citizen joins al-Qaeda, “it doesn’t really change anything from the standpoint of whether we can target them,” a senior administration official said. “They are then part of the enemy.” Both the CIA and the JSOC maintain lists of individuals, called “High Value Targets” and “High Value Individuals,” whom they seek to kill or capture. The JSOC list includes three Americans, including Aulaqi, whose name was added late last year. As of several months ago, the CIA list included three U.S. citizens, and an intelligence official said that Aulaqi’s name has now been added. (Priest 2010)

The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and the ALCU currently are challenging this notion in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. This lawsuit stems from the killing of Nasser Al-Aulaqi’s son ( a U.S. citizen) who was targeted and killed by the United States Government. It is interesting to note that according to CCR Staff Attorney Pardiss Kabriaei, “The Supreme Court has repeatedly rejected the government’s claim to an unchecked system of global detention, and the district court should similarly reject the administration’s claim here to an unchecked system of global targeted killing.” The ACLU and CCR hopes the court will rule that the U.S. Government can only kill a U.S. citizen if there is a proof of an imminent threat to life.

Focusing on American targets in a February 4 press release, Ben Wizner, a staff attorney for the ACLU National Security Project, emphasizes: “It is alarming to hear that the Obama administration is asserting that the president can authorize the assassination of Americans abroad, even if they are far from any battlefield and may have never taken up arms against the U.S., but have only been deemed to constitute an unspecified ‘threat.’” (5)

Francis A. Boyle at the University of Illinois College of Law writes that, ”This extrajudicial execution of human beings constitutes a grave violation of international human rights law and, under certain circumstances, can also constitute a war crime under the Four Geneva Conventions of 1949. In addition, the extrajudicial execution of U.S. citizens by the United States government also violates the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution mandating that no person “be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”

There is no corporate media-drawn correlation between the US policy of presidential assassinations and the on-ground troop engagement in outrageous human rights violations, which was made public when the German magazine Der Spiegel released images of smiling US soldiers kneeling next to naked children they had just massacred. The soldiers not only took the village children’s lives but also ripped out their teeth and fingertips to keep as keepsakes along with pictures of themselves holding the dead bodies up by their hair. Jeremy Morlock one of the soldiers in that group who participated in these incidents has agreed to negotiate his declaration against his colleagues and superiors, to reduce his sentence for the murders. This group of soldiers referred to themselves as “Team Death.”

Luke Mogelson from the New York Times covered the trial of Jeremy Morlock May 1, 2011: (6)

In a military courtroom at Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma, Wash., 22-year-old Jeremy Morlock confessed to participating in the premeditated murder of Mullah Allah Dad, as well as the murders of two other Afghan civilians. In exchange for his agreement to testify against four other soldiers charged in the crimes, including the supposed ringleader, Staff Sgt. Calvin Gibbs, the government reduced Morlock’s mandatory life sentence to 24 years, with the possibility of parole after approximately 8. The rest of the accused, who are still awaiting trial, contest the allegations against them.

The story that has been told so far — by Morlock in his confession and by various publications that relied heavily on the more sensational accusations from interviews hastily conducted by Army special agents in Afghanistan —is a fairly straightforward one: a sociopath joined the platoon and persuaded a handful of impressionable subordinates to join him in sport killing as opportunities arose. There may indeed be truth to this, though several soldiers in the platoon give a more complicated account. Certainly it’s a useful narrative, strategically and psychologically, for various parties trying to make sense of the murders —parents at a loss to explain their sons’ involvement and lawyers advocating their clients’ innocence and a military invested in a version of events that contains and cauterizes the problem. (Mogelson 2011)

While the tragic events of “Team Death” received widespread coverage in world news, "Drug-crazed killers Rogue US army unit `hunted humans in Afghanistan", The Daily Telegraph (Australia), March 23, 2011, most US coverage focused on the individuals as rogue deviants combined with official apologies from the US military.

Additionally, Afghan Civilian deaths are usually reported in the US corporate media as isolated incidents, and/or mistakes. A comprehensive evaluation of the human and environmental costs of the war in Afghanistan is mostly ignored by the corporate media.

Afghani civilians are facing the deadliest period since the U.S. led invasion began more than nine years ago. According to the Afghanistan Rights Monitor at least 2,421 civilians were killed in Afghanistan last year, and more than 3,270 civilians were injured in conflict-related security incidents. This means that every day 6-7 noncombatants were killed and 8-9 were wounded in the war.

In addition to the casualties, hundreds of thousands of people were affected in various ways by the intensified armed violence in 2010. Tens of thousands were forced from their homes, or deprived of healthcare and education services and livelihood opportunities due to war.

Armed opposition groups were blamed for 63 percent of the total reported civilian deaths, US/NATO forces for 21 percent, pro-government Afghan forces 12 percent, and about 4 percent could not be attributed to an identifiable armed group and were labeled “unknown” in the report. Improvised Explosive Devices were the most lethal tools, which killed over 690 civilians and wounded more than 1,800. At least 217 noncombatants died in air strikes and 192 killed in direct/indirect shooting by US/NATO forces in 2010.

The American military presence in Afghanistan consists of fleets of aircraft, helicopters, armored vehicles, weapons, equipment, troops and facilities. Since 2001, they have generated millions of kilograms of hazardous, toxic and radioactive wastes. The Kabul Press asks the simple question: “What have the Americans done with all that waste?” The answer is chilling in that virtually all of it appears to have been buried, burned or secretly disposed of into the air, soil, groundwater and surface waters of Afghanistan. While the Americans may begin to withdraw next year, the toxic chemicals they leave behind will continue to pollute for centuries. Any abandoned radioactive waste may stain the Afghan countryside for thousands of years. Afghanistan has been described in the past as the graveyard of foreign armies. Today, Afghanistan has a different title: “Afghanistan is the toxic dumping ground for foreign armies.”

The US forces forbid any kind of DU related exploration programs or research. They have also covered up and denied DU’s damaging health effects, and refused to release information on the amounts, types and locations of these weapons. As a consequence, thousands of Iraqi and Afghan children and their families are suffering from various low level radiation (LLR) related diseases such as malignancies, congenital heart diseases, chromosomal aberration and multiple congenital malformations. Women in the contaminated areas suffered high rates of miscarriages and sterility.

DU weapons are manufactured from radioactive waste generated during the enrichment process of natural uranium as part of the nuclear fuel cycle. American and British armed forces fired DU bullets and projectiles for the first time against a human population and environment in Iraq during the Gulf War, 1991. When DU munitions hit their target, they ignite prophetically and generate heat that reaches a temperature of 3000-6000
degrees F? or C?. This heat causes the DU and other metals to form a gas or aerosol of nanoparticles. These nanoparticles cross the lung blood barrier, gain entrance to the cells and create free radicals. Some effects that the people are facing are immune and hormonal systems damage, disruption of thyroid function, and tetrogenic toxicity as soluble DU oxides cross the placenta to the fetus, resulting in damages that range from behavioral problems to mental retardation and congenital malformations.

                    Photos of Iraqi babies whose mothers were exposed to depleted uranium.

President Obama’s undeclared and Congressionally unauthorized war against Libya may be compounded by the crime of spreading toxic uranium oxide in populated areas of that country.

Concern is being voiced by groups such as the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons, which monitor the military use of DU anti-tank and bunker-penetrating shells.

As of late March, 2011, the US has not introduced its A-10 Thunderbolts, known also as Warthogs, into the Libyan campaign, probably because these sub-sonic, straight-wing craft, while heavily armored, are vulnerable to shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles which Libyan forces are known to possess in large numbers. Once the air-control situation is improved by continued bombardment, however, these specialized ground-attack aircraft will probably be added to the attacking forces. The A-10 has a particularly large automatic cannon, which fires an unusually large 30 mm shell. These shells are often fitted with solid uranium projectiles.

   By Peter Phillips and Craig Cekala 

Student Researcher: Bay Ewald, San Francisco State University

Faculty Evaluator: Kenn Burrows, San Francisco State University


1. Zoroya, Gregg, USA Today, 7/20/10, 

2. Star-Ledger, November 22, 2009, Military suicides increase as U.S. soldiers struggle with torment of war

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Death and After in Iraq, Chris Hedges, Truthdig, March 21, 2011. 

More US Soldiers Killed Themselves Than Died in Combat in 2010, Cord Jefferson. Good, January 27, 2011.

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Information Awareness Office

The anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks began  releasing documents last week related to what it calls the “mass surveillance industry,” a little-known but expansive underworld of contractors offering tools for governments — from brutal dictatorships to more moderate Western states — to monitor citizens and hunt down dissidents. Furious activists reacted to the revelations by calling for stricter controls and measures to hold the firms accountable as “accomplices” to mass murder.
The information released so far covers over 150 companies spanning more than two dozen nations. The documents highlight the nature and growth of a multi-billion-dollar industry that, in addition to supplying espionage assistance to the most murderous regimes on earth, has been quietly turned against citizens in supposedly “free” countries as well.

“Who here has an iPhone? Who here has a Blackberry? Who here uses Gmail? Well you are all screwed,” WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange told a press conference in London announcing the new project. “The reality is intelligence contractors are selling right now, to countries across the world, mass surveillance systems for all of those products."

Some of the newly released information details how governments are able to secretly intercept phone calls and take over victims’ computers. Cell phone owners, it turns out, can be tracked even when the devices are not activated. But it gets worse.

 “In the last ten years systems for indiscriminate, mass surveillance have become the norm,” WikiLeaks said in a statement about the revelations posted online. “Intelligence companies such as VASTech secretly sell equipment to permanently record the phone calls of entire nations. Others record the location of every mobile phone in a city, down to 50 meters. Systems to infect every Facebook user, or smart-phone owner of an entire population group are on the intelligence market.”

Among the more than 1,000 documents involved are pamphlets, brochures, and catalogues marketing the surveillance products to government officials worldwide. Also included in the cache of information are videos, contracts, and more.

 The transparency organization teamed up with other like-minded non-profit groups and several large media outfits worldwide including the Washington Post. The project, entitled "Spy files", plans to release more documents and information into early next year.

"Today we release over 287 files documenting the reality of the international mass surveillance industry — an industry which now sells equipment to dictators and democracies alike in order to intercept entire populations," Assange said uring the initial press conference last week.

Much of the information was gathered during a year-long inquiry by investigators with WikiLeaks and other groups infiltrating conferences related to the industry. More documents were obtained from looted government buildings in countries like Egypt and Libya after the collapse of existing regimes.

Of course, most of the companies exposed claim to follow the law and sell the technology only to governments and other authorized users. But for critics, that is not enough — and it is not an excuse.

“When it comes to surveillance technology, merely operating within the boundaries of current legislation and regulation is insufficient,” said spokeswoman Emma Draper of Privacy International, one of the groups working on Spy Files with WikiLeaks. “The fact these companies are selling what are essentially tools of political control to oppressive regimes with impunity can no longer be tolerated.”

 Other privacy advocates also expressed serious concerns over the new revelations and claims that only governments are able to access the technology. “Even if American companies, as they claim, only sell to governments and law enforcement, there’s no real regulation of end-users, even in the United States, let alone China and Russia,” said Christopher Soghoian, a graduate fellow at the Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research at Indiana University. In an interview with the Washington Times, Soghoian explained  hat nothing was being done to protect Americans from the surveillance technology. “There’s nothing to stop [this equipment from] being used in the United States,” he also noted. “Sure it’s illegal … but you’re never going to get caught.”

The top suppliers of the often-deadly technologies are based in countries such as the United States, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Israel. Less developed countries such as South Africa and Brazil are also host to some of the firms, while the communist dictatorship ruling mainland China is both a supplier and large consumer in the industry.

 “Mass interception of entire populations is not only a reality, it is a secret new industry spanning 25 countries,” the anti-secrecy organization said in the statement about the newly unveiled documents. “Wikileaks is shining a light on this secret industry that has boomed since September 11, 2001 and is worth billions of dollars per year.”

After the news broke, a swarm of critics blasted the industry — and its association with mass murderers. "These systems that are revealed in these documents show exactly the kind of systems that the Stasi wished they could have built,"explained former WikiLeaks spokesman Jacob Appelbaum, who now works as a computer expert at the University of Washington. "These systems are used to hunt people down and to murder."

Media and free speech activists also highlighted the danger, calling for action to protect dissidents and hold suppliers accountable. "These new revelations by WikiLeaks provide confirmation and better documentation of the disgraceful cooperation between western companies and authoritarian regimes," the press-freedom group Reporters Without Borders said in a statement, suggesting the creation of a new mechanism to prosecute companies that supply war criminals.

"By equipping oppressive regimes and giving them the means to track and arrest cyber-dissidents and human rights activists, these companies become the accomplices of serious crimes,” the organization added. “It is time to end the impunity they enjoy and to impose financial sanctions on them."

 Other privacy and human-rights activists have called for stricter export-control laws and regulations governing the sale of surveillance products to mass-murderers and other brutal tyrants. U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) is currently working on legislation to ban the sale of such equipment to regimes which restrict online speech or target dissidents, according to news reports.

Among the handful of industry apologists quoted in the media, former security officials said export controls might not be the best solution. The reason: China, Russia, and other regimes will continue to sell the technology to whatever despot can afford it anyway, leaving Western companies at a competitive disadvantage.

 Of course, governments in developed countries are also using the technology for nefarious purposes. In a section entitled “Weaponizing Data Kills Innocent People,” WikiLeaks investigators highlighted one troubling example where the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was caught using spy software known to have problems in its program to assassinate people with drone-fired missiles.

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Legal drug cartel

When American soldiers C Company, First Reconnaissance Battalion Detachment, 32 units of 10 Mountain Division, was entrusted with their Chinook helicopters descended in a field of marijuana, it was quite logical task. But what if the U.S. military is premeditated, organized, and especially when it deals specifically with opium?

Afghanistan is now the largest grower and exporter of opium, Afghanistan produced 92% of the world's supply of opium, but what many shocking is the fact that the U.S. Army assigned a special task to protect poppy fields from which opium is derived, and it all just because to protect the huge multi million dollar industry that enriches Wall Street, CIA, MI6 and various other interest groups who make huge money from this hypocritical scheme!

Before the tragic events of 9/11/2001., Afghanistan was on the edge of the world's poppy trade, he is used to produce illicit heroin and some pharmaceutical morphine. In fact the Taliban are actively destroying poppy fields in an attempt to get rid of this plant, as it is published newspapers Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 16.02.2001., In an article titled: National production of opium is almost extinct.

But after 11.09.2001., A U.S. military complex was quickly occupied Afghanistan to begin production of poppy in the country. The United Nations Programme on drug control, or the United Nations Drug Control Program (UNDCP), opium cultivation in Afghanistan has grown 657% in 2002. After the U.S. invaded the country and under the strict orders of then-President George W. a Bush's.

The occupation forces in Afghanistan are supporting the drug trade, which brings between 120 and 194 billion dollars of revenues to organized crime, intelligence agencies and Western financial institutions.
The proceeds of this lucrative multibllion dollar contraband are deposited in Western banks. Almost the totality of revenues accrue to corporate interests and criminal syndicates outside Afghanistan.

The Golden Crescent drug trade, launched by the CIA in the early 1980s, continues to be protected by US intelligence, in liason with NATO occupation forces and the British military. In recent developments, British occupation forces have promoted opium cultivation through paid radio advertisements.
"A radio message broadcast across the province assured local farmers that the Nato-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) would not interfere with poppy fields currently being harvested.
"Respected people of Helmand. The soldiers of ISAF and ANA do not destroy poppy fields," it said. "They know that many people of Afghanistan have no choice but to grow poppy. ISAF and the ANA do not want to stop people from earning their livelihoods." ( Quoted in The Guardian, 27 April 2007)
While the controversial opium ads have been casually dismissed as an unfortunate mistake, there are indications that the opium economy is being promoted at the political level (including the British government of Tony Blair).

The Senlis Council, an international think tank specialising in security and policy issues is proposing the development of licit opium exports in Afghanistan, with a view to promoting the production of pharmaceutical pain-killers, such as morphine and codeine. According to the Senlis Council, "the poppies are needed and, if properly regulated, could provide a legal source of income to impoverished Afghan farmers while, at the same time, depriving the drug lords and the Taliban of much of their income." (John Polanyi, Globe and Mail, 23 September 2006)

The Senlis Council offers an alternative where "regulated poppy production in Afghanistan" could be developed to produce needed painkillers. The Senlis statement, however, fails to address the existing
structure of licit opium exports, which is characterised by oversupply .
The Senlis' campaign is part of the propaganda campaign. It has contrbuted to providing a false legitimacy to Afghanistan's opium economy. ( which ultmately serves powerful vested interests.
How much opium acreage is required to supply the pharmaceutical industry? According to the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), which has a mandate to exame issues pertaining to the supply of and demand for opiates used for medical purposes, "the supply of such opiates has for years been at levels well in excess of global demand".(Asian Times, February 2006)

The INCB has recommended reducing the production of opiates due to oversupply. At present, India is the largest exporter of licit opium, supplying approximately 50 percent of licit sales to pharmaceutical companies involved in the production of pain-killing drugs. Turkey is also a major producer of licit opium.

India's opium latex "is sold to licensed pharmaceutical and/or chemical manufacturing firms such as Mallinckrodt and Johnson & Johnson, under rules established by the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs and the International Narcotics Control Board, which require an extensive paper trail." (Opium in India) The area allocated to licit State controlled opium cultivation in India is of the order of a modest 11,000 hectares, suggesting that the entire demand of the global pharmaceutical industry requires approximately 22,000 hectares of land allocated to poppy production.
Opium for pharmaceutical use is not in short supply. The demand of the pharmaceutical industry is already met.

   Soaring Afghan Opium Production

The United Nations has announced that opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan has soared. There was a 59% increase in areas under opium cultivation in 2006. Production of opium is estimated to have increased by 49% in relation to 2005.
The Western media in chorus blame the Taliban and the warlords. Western officials are said to believe that "the trade is controlled by 25 smugglers including three government ministers." (Guardian, op. cit).
Yet in a bitter irony, US military presence has served to restore rather than eradicate the drug trade. Opium production has increased 33 fold from 185 tons in 2001 under the Taliban to 6100 tons in 2006. Cultivated areas have increased 21 fold since the 2001 US-led invasion.

What the media reports fail to acknowledge is that the Taliban government was instrumental in 2000-2001 in implementing a successful drug eradication program, with the support and collaboration of the UN.
Implemented in 2000-2001, the Taliban's drug eradication program led to a 94 percent decline in opium cultivation. In 2001, according to UN figures, opium production had fallen to 185 tons. Immediately following the October 2001 US led invasion, production increased dramatically, regaining its historical levels.
The Vienna based UN Office on Drugs and Crime estimates that the 2006 harvest will be of the order of 6,100 tonnes, 33 times its production levels in 2001 under the Taliban government (3200 % increase in 5 years).
Cultivation in 2006 reached a record 165,000 hectares compared with 104,000 in 2005 and 7,606 in 2001 under the Taliban.

   Multibillion dollar trade

According to the UN, Afghanistan supplies in 2006 some 92 percent of the world's supply of opium, which is used to make heroin.
The UN estimates that for 2006, the contribution of the drug trade to the Afghan economy is of the order of 2.7 billion. What it fails to mention is the fact that more than 95 percent of the revenues generated by this lucrative contraband accrues to business syndicates, organized crime and banking and financial institutions. A very small percentage accrues to farmers and traders in the producing country.
"Afghan heroin sells on the international narcotics market for 100 times the price farmers get for their opium right out of the field".(US State Department quoted by the Voice of America (VOA), 27 February 2004).
Based on wholesale and retail prices in Western markets, the earnings generated by the Afghan drug trade are colossal. In July 2006, street prices in Britain for heroin were of the order of Pound Sterling 54, or $102 a gram.

  Narcotics On the Streets of Western Europe

One kilo of opium produces approximately 100 grams of (pure) heroin. 6100 tons of opium allows the production of 1220 tons of heroin with a 50 percent purity ratio.
The average purity of retailed heroin can vary. It is on average 36%. In Britain, the purity is rarely in excess of 50 percent, while in the US it can be of the order of 50-60 percent.

Based on the structure of British retail prices for heroin, the total proceeds of the Afghan heroin trade would be of the order of 124.4 billion dollars, assuming a 50 percent purity ratio. Assuming an average purity ratio of 36 percent and the average British price, the cash value of Afghan heroin sales would be of the order of 194.4 billion dollars.
While these figures do not constitute precise estimates, they nonetheless convey the sheer magnitude of this multibillion dollar narcotics trade out of Afghanistan. Based on the first figure which provides a conservative estimate, the cash value of these sales, once they reach Western retail markets are in excess of 120 billion dollars a year.
(See also our detailed estimates for 2003 in The Spoils of War: Afghanistan's Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade, by Michel Chossudovsky, The UNODC estimates the average retail price of heroin for 2004 to be of the order of $157 per gram, based on the average purity ratio).

  Narcotics: Second to Oil and the Arms Trade

The foregoing estimates are consistent with the UN's assessment concerning the size and magnitude of the global drug trade.
The Afghan trade in opiates (92 percent of total World production of opiates) constitutes a large share of the worldwide annual turnover of narcotics, which was estimated by the United Nations to be of the order of $400-500 billion.

(Douglas Keh, Drug Money in a Changing World, Technical document No. 4, 1998, Vienna UNDCP, p. 4. See also United Nations Drug Control Program, Report of the International Narcotics Control Board for 1999, E/INCB/1999/1 United Nations, Vienna 1999, p. 49-51, and Richard Lapper, UN Fears Growth of Heroin Trade, Financial Times, 24 February 2000).
Based on 2003 figures, drug trafficking constitutes "the third biggest global commodity in cash terms after oil and the arms trade." (The Independent, 29 February 2004).

Afghanistan and Colombia (together with Bolivia and Peru) consitute the largest drug producing economies in the world, which feed a flourishing criminal economy. These countries are heavily militarized. The drug trade is protected. Amply documented the CIA has played a central role in the development of both the Latin American and Asian drug triangles.
The IMF estimated global money laundering to be between 590 billion and 1.5 trillion dollars a year, representing 2-5 percent of global GDP. (Asian Banker, 15 August 2003). __A large share of global money laundering as estimated by the IMF is linked to the trade in narcotics, one third of which is tied to the Golden Crescent opium triangle.

2009th, the New York Times wrote that the brother of current President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai and in fact on the payroll of the CIA for eight years. Ahmed Wali Karzai is one of the most important figure in maintaining the Afghan drug trade, the region around Afghanistan is known as the "Golden Crescent" has also been reported that the CIA funded the whole venture behind the scenes.

Mainstream media give very different stories of American and world public. FOX News, for example, has made a propaganda 2010th, arguing that U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan, protecting the poppy fields rather than to destroy them to local populations remained calm and happy, as it would otherwise have created a dangerous situation with a substantial risk for Americans - FOX News reporter Geraldo Rivera and was able to utter such an obvious lie about poppy cultivation by claiming that the poppy growers were protected by the Taliban,and concealing the fact that it is in fact the interest of the CIA and foreign countries.

So, while tens of thousands of Americans killed by an overdose of drugs or drug that comes from illegal opium production, and while the production of harmless marijuana is considered illegal in the U.S., the American military guards at each plant poppy fields in Afghanistan to enable the global drug trade . Something is terribly wrong in this story.

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