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Libya: A new war for oil - the history and truth

These events took place in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt more about Petro-terrorism or freedom and democracy? How much oil is in North Africa? Who has control of that oil? What is the relationship between the West and Muammar Gaddafi? It's really terrorism, we've all been led to believe that? Who is the Libyan "opposition" and who are the "rebels" have read?

Presented with this story are concessions to the oil industry ** maps for North Africa, that people might want to balance between Western propaganda against Libya. Among the propaganda press full court, seized by the Western media and State Department are disinformation apparatus that Muammar Gaddafi is also accused of committing genocide against his own people. There are double standards at work?

An original photograph; backside text reads: Al Haji Amin (centre) is introducing military senior officers to his brother Col. Gaddafi, Chairman of the Revolutionary Command of Arab republic of Libya, shortly on arrival at Gulu Airfield [northern Uganda] to perform the official handing over of aircrafts to Uganda Airforce, March 3, 1974.

   From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli

On September 1, 1969 Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and his officers overthrew the pro-western regime was in power in Libya. At the time, Libya was the home of the largest air base in the U.S. (Wheelus Air Base) in North Africa. Agreements between the United States and Libya signed in 1951 and 1954 granted the use of the airbase Wheelus USAF and his shot from El Wati of the bombing and gunnery training and transportation for a short stop bombing and 1971 . During the Cold War was the basis for developing the military power of the United States under the Strategic Air Command, and an essential base for fighter missions and reconnaissance. The Pentagon has also used the base - and the Libyan desert at a distance - for launching missile tests: the drop zone was located 15 miles east of Tripoli. Considered a bit of "America on the shores of the Mediterranean, the base housed about 4,600 U.S. troops until his discharge in 1970.

With the discovery of oil in Libya in 1959, a desert very poor country has become a bit rich Western patrons. U.S. and European companies have huge stakes in the lucrative oil sector and banking, but soon the Qaddafi nationalized. Thus, Libya during the night joined the list of "enemies" of the United States or "rogue" states, which seeks autonomy and self-determination outside the sphere expansion of the Western Hemisphere. Further consolidation of the hatred of the West of the new regime, Libya has played a leading role in the 1973 oil embargo against the United States and maintain cooperative relations with the Soviet Union. Gaddafi also said channeled oil wealth in the first national health care and free education.

At one time played with Gaddafi Idi Amin, but his links with other despots - that Tony Blair and George HW Bush - are much more important, though much less publicity. Of course, like Gaddafi is beaten and maligned - in disproportion to their actual actions - we see that Idi Amin is not the first African terrorist is always charged by: Amin's crimes pale in comparison with the despot current to power in Uganda, President Yoweri Museveni for Life. Remember that Gaddafi has served the imperialist powers for years, though presented as the first terrorist of the world.

Like the previous figures of the 20th century revolutionaries, such as Mao and his Little Red Book, Gaddafi followed the example of other revolutionary figures like Mao Zedong in authoring his own unique and highly idealistic political philosophy. Gaddafi's Green Book was published in three volumes between 1975 and 1979, and as you can imagine, is almost unknown by the enlightened western world [sic].

Over the past four decades, the United States and its closest allies, including Israel and Japan have a relationship largely hostile to Libya and Muammar Qaddafi. This report has included economic sanctions, covert attacks, open warfare and other acts of aggression committed by the United States. The sanctions applied repeatedly renewed or the "international community" against Libya in 1980 and 1990.

After September 11, 2001, the United States and threaten dire warnings against Libya under pressure to accept the demands of the United States and work in the U.S. "war against terrorism." Given that Libya was considered one of the first "rogue states" involved in "terrorism" and Gaddafi was forced to cede part of his country's independence and autonomy. After the dispute diplomatic sanctions against Libya were dropped in exchange for Gaddafi in 2004 (limited) collaboration.

In 2004, during the intensification of the propaganda of western media on terrorism and support for Gaddafi Libyan Al-Qaeda - all kinds of reports of bad faith and deceit - the Bush administration dropped sanctions against the regime - and paved the way for a new era in US-Libyan bilateral trade.

U.S. officials have been under pressure from multinational companies, including major oil companies BP, ExxonMobil, Halliburton, Chevron, Conoco and Marathon Oil, and the Giants defense as Raytheon and Northrop Grumman and other companies such as Dow Chemical and Fluor. These companies lobby, then founded a "job", the United States in Libya Business Association (USLBA) U.S. $ 20,000 in 2005 contributions.

USLBA members pressure the government of the United States to protect and promote their interests in Libya, the United States government, and entrepreneurs have flocked to Libya and traded for millions or billions of dollars in transactions. Bilateral trade with Libya amounted to 2.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2010 to nearly zero when the sanctions were in force before 2004. The USLBA also lobbied on behalf of the former rogue state Libya has sponsored conferences and political events and briefings with senior U.S. and Libyan.

Officials visited Libya for meetings with Libyan government officials, private entrepreneurs and representatives of U.S. companies operating in the country - leading to some of the unbridled development that was evident in Tripoli (2009).

By the Libyan Investment Authority secrecy, billions of petrodollars have been invested in Libya would   US Equity and Big Banks, including JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and others, and into other private equity like the Carlyle Group, one of America's most seedy arms dealers. The Carlyle Group was founded by Frank Carlucci, former US Secretary of War at the time of the Reagan bombings of Libya in 1986 and current affiliate of the National Endowment for Democracy (described below).

                               ALGERIA & TUNISIA OIL SECTOR MAPS

 (Note the HUNT OIL Concession in the lower right in NIGER: HUNT OIL is out of Texas.)
                                                         View image 

The CIA has long wanted to eliminate and replace Muammar Gaddafi. President Reagan bombed Tripoli, killing Girl Gaddafi: U.S. bombing of Libya (codenamed Operation El Dorado Canyon) includes the joint United States Air Force, Navy and air strikes against Libya Marine Corps, 15 April 1986. The CIA of the United States overthrew the Lockerbie Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland in 1988 and charged it up Gaddafi.

Many security documents high-level Reagan administration on Libya remain classified. These include the National Security Decision Directive 16 (economic and security decisions for Libya), NSDD 205 (Attachment: Taking action against Libyan support for international terrorism), NSDD 224 (anti-terrorist operations against Libya) and NSDD 234 (Politics of Libya), while even those that have been declassified and are partially hidden. The George HW Bush SDDS 19 (U.S. policy toward Libya) also remains classified.

In recent years, Gaddafi has played with the Western narrative of al-Qaeda, although it seems likely that some of the mercenaries as true today in Libya, "Al-Qaeda'terroristi trained by the United States to serve the interests U.S. in places like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and now. However, the CIA has always been focused on Qadhafi formed.

Note the double standard in how the Western media, the allegations of mercenaries with Gaddafi, as if it were something unique to Gaddafi and Libya, and not something that we Westerners never do.

  National front for the Salvation of Libya 

In almost all Western media accounts, the so-called "opposition" in Libya includes unspecified, unnamed unidentified "insurgents" National Front for the salvation of Libya (NFSL). These are not innocent demonstrators pro-democracy "that began with a sit-in" as reported by The New York Times uncritically repeated everywhere.

Reports of atrocities in Darfur, Sudan (2003-20011) and Rwanda (1990-1994) was always accused the government (Omar el-Beshir in Khartoum and Juvenal Habyarimana in Kigali), without context, supported the uprising and intervention abroad that happen, that in both cases it was the United States, United Kingdom and Israel. Similarly, in Libya today, there is no context or history of "rebels" of FNSL: I am categorically described as good, no matter who they seem to have sprung from nowhere. Nobody says that these people who are cited as sources of the New York Times or CNN or Democracy Now are.

                                 Street scene in Tripoli, September 2009.

The FNSL was part of the National Conference for the Libyan opposition in London in 2005, British and resources are used to support FNSL and other "opposition" in Libya. The FNSL was actually born in Sudan in October 1981 under Colonel Jaafar Nimieri - the U.S. puppet dictator who was openly known to be a feature of the Central Intelligence Agency, and has ruthlessly ruled Sudan from 1969 to 1985. The FNSL held its national convention in the United States in July 2007. Reports of "atrocities" and the death of civilians is not channeled in the Western press operations in Washington DC, and the opposition is FNSL have planned military attacks and the resistance from inside and outside Libya.

Italy and France are also said to be supporting these opposition groups, such as Italian and French oil companies Total, Agip and Elf attempting to control, protect and expand its penetration in the sector extractive industries in Libya. Many of the oil concessions in Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt appear (the card is 15 years) to be held by state oil companies - but foreign interests were involved in a joint venture with National Oil Corporation Libya (NOC) for many years.

Penetration, European, Korean and Japanese Libyan oil market had already taken place before the U.S. sanctions were lifted in 2004, U.S. multinationals have lost. AGIP has been involved in the oil sector in Libya for decades in Libya Elephant Field  (and other sites) through its joint ventures between Italian Eni Corporation and Libya's NOC; these operations also involved a consortium of Korean and British (LASMO) corporations. Eni is Italy's largest multinational oil and gas corporation, involved in 70 countries, and Eni has worked in Libya since 1959. Belgian giant Petrofina also has sizable operations in Libya.

In late February, British Special Forces evacuated hundreds of British nationals from the Libyan desert. The companies they worked for, and their reasons for being in Libya, were not reported (as usual). The operations were coordinated with Germany, Italy, Turkey -- and certainly with the US. British Petroleum last year was embroiled in a scandal for influence-peddling used to secure a contract for petroleum exploration in Libya. Royal/Dutch Shell also held some 26 high-level meetings in Libya and won [sic] contracts against US rivals like Texas oil corporation Occidental Petroleum (OXY), ejected when Libya's oil fields were nationalized in 1970.

OXY was the first US petroleum corporation to resume operations in Libya when sanctions were lifted in 2004. In 2008, Oxy reached new  30 year agreements with Libya to redevelop and explore in its "most prolific producing area" -- the Sirte Basin. US major ExxonMobil reported "milestone achievements" in the Libyan oil sector in 2009.

  Will continue...

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