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FBI mess - arrest of the undercover agents

Did The FBI Get Confused And Arrest One Of Its Own Informants For Helping Create One Of Its Own Plots?

For a few years now, we've been writing about how the FBI has been arresting a ton of people for "terrorism" who were really guilty of little more than being gullible and naive and pushed by FBI undercover agents and informants into taking part in a plot that wouldn't exist but for the FBI itself. These so-called own plots seem to be a huge part of what the FBI does these days.

Somewhat ridiculously, courts have (mostly) allowed these, claiming that if, eventually, the accused person expressed some support for terrorism or terrorist groups, it shouldn't be considered entrapment. But, over and over again, you see cases where it's clearly the FBI doing not just the majority of the plotting, but also pushing and pushing targets to "join" the plot, even when they show sustained resistance. The more details you read about these cases, the more ridiculous they get.

However, in just the latest example of this -- the arrest of Erick Hendricks for supposedly trying to recruit people to carry out attacks for ISIS -- there's been something of an odd twist. Hendricks claims he has no idea why he was arrested because he's been an FBI informant for years, helping the FBI find other gullible souls to entrap in these "own plots." As Marcy Wheeler notes, it's possible the FBI lost track of one of its own informants and ended up having him "caught" in one of the plots where he thought he was helping the FBI find possible terrorists. Wouldn't that be something.

                                                         Erick Jamal Hendricks

Has the FBI simply lost track of who are real and who are the people it is paying to play a role? Or is it possible someone from another agency, claiming to be FBI, recruited Hendricks (don’t laugh! That’s one potential explanation for Anwar al-Awlaki’s curious ties to US law enforcement, a story that wends its way through a related mosque in VA)?

Sure, maybe Hendricks is making all this up (at the very least, it may necessitate the BoP to protect him in prison since he has now publicly claimed to be a narc). But FBI’s network of informants sure is getting confusing.

Either way, if Hendricks really was an informant, it appears that the "plots" he was engaged in may have been all confidential informants or undercover agents (and possibly one mentally disturbed internet troll).

This sounds like the plot to a potentially entertaining movie -- but back in the real world, it seems pretty fucked up. And it's yet another reminder of just how stupid these FBI "own plots" really are. It doesn't seem to really be about keeping people safe from attacks. Instead it seems to be about figuring out ways to push gullible and naive people to agree to do something stupid so that the FBI can get headlines for "keeping us safe" from attacks that would never actually happen.

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Microsoft workers ‘forced to watch’ child porn

Ex-employees of the company’s online safety team say they had to watch horrific online videos of child abuse, bestiality, and murders—and that Microsoft ignored their PTSD.

As part of their job, moderators for social websites have to view some of the most disturbing videos and photos on the internet. Once the employees have determined that the images violate the company’s community standards and the law, they delete the accounts of the people who posted them and report the incidents to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, per federal law.

Unsurprisingly, having to watch upsetting content like that every day takes a toll on moderators. But two Microsoft employees say their company, one of the largest in the world, failed to provide them with proper support as their mental health deteriorated and they began showing symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.

In a lawsuit filed in King County, Washington Henry Soto and Greg Blauert allege that they were part of Microsoft’s Online Safety Team, formed in 2007 in response to new federal legislation and complaints from customers about disturbing imagery being stored and distributed using the company’s products.

Soto claims he was assigned to the team and didn’t have any choice in the matter. Both Soto and Blauert say Microsoft did not fully prepare them for what the Online Safety Team would be doing — going through users’ accounts and communications and viewing haunting images of children being abused, sexually exploited and even killed.

According to, Soto said he and his wife had always dreamed of working for Microsoft and moved to Washington specifically to work for the company. However, once he and Blauert were assigned to the Online Safety Team, they were forced to remain there for 18 months before they could request a transfer.

And in those 18 months, both men claim they suffered from continually reviewing disturbing content.

“He had trouble with sleep disturbance, nightmares,” Soto’s lawyers alleged,  per the Daily Beast. “He suffered from an internal video screen in his head and could see disturbing images. He suffered from irritability, increased startle, anticipatory anxiety, and was easily distractible.”

After watching a video of a young girl being abused and murdered, Soto says he began to experience “auditory hallucinations.”

Meanwhile, “Mr. Blauert became noticeably withdrawn in the workplace and at home,” court documents posted by CourthouseLaw. com say. “He became listless and avoidant in the workplace. Supervisors authorized him and others to leave work early when they broke down or became overwhelmed by the trauma associated with viewing the depictions. Leaving early on occasions of breaking down was part of the ‘Wellness Plan.’ However, Mr. Blauert was criticized in employment reviews for following his wellness plan.”

Microsoft told McClatchy that employees are not permitted to view the offensive imagery at home or on a personal device and are not allowed to spend their entire work day viewing them.

Still, Blauert suffered from nightmares and outbursts of anger, he claims in the lawsuit.

Microsoft provided counseling sessions for members of the team suffering from “compassion fatigue,” a non-official mental illness characterized by anxiety, tension and apathy towards violence, per the Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project. In those sessions, however, the counselor suggested Blauert take more breaks to walk, smoke and play video games during the day, according to the lawsuit.

It didn’t work, he says. Blauert suffered a “physical and mental breakdown,” with symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, uncontrollable crying and PTSD, per the lawsuit.

Both men say their work has damaged their relationship with their families, especially their children, made it difficult for them to go out in public and severely limited their ability to even go onto the internet.

The lawsuit in its entirety can be read HERE.

But while both men applied for worker’s compensation while taking medical leaves due to their PTSD, their claims were denied, per the Daily Beast.

“The worker’s condition is not an occupational disease,” their rejection letters each read.

Soto and Blauert also allege that while Microsoft provided dedicated counseling and funding for a different department dealing with many similar issues, the Digital Crimes Unit, the company violated state law by failing to provide a safe workplace for them and should have realized how harmful viewing such images should have been for their employees.

The men’s lawyers say they provided Microsoft with the results of their investigation before filing suit, but the company did not provide any “material corrections.”

In a statement to McClatchy, a Microsoft spokesperson denied that the company was negligent in regards to its employees’ mental health.

“We disagree with the plaintiffs’ claims. Microsoft takes seriously its responsibility to remove and report imagery of child sexual exploitation and abuse being shared on its services, as well as the health and resiliency of the employees who do this important work,” the statement read.

“This work is difficult, but critically important to a safer and more trusted internet. The health and safety of our employees who do this difficult work is a top priority. Microsoft works with the input of our employees, mental health professionals and the latest research on robust wellness and resilience programs to ensure those who handle this material have the resources and support they need, including an individual wellness plan. We view it as a process, always learning and applying the newest research about what we can do to help support our employees even more.”

In addition to seeking damages for their medical bills and ongoing PTSD, the men requested that Microsoft implement new policies to help other employees in similar situations, including mandatory meetings with psychologists and spousal support programs.

However, Microsoft told McClatchy that the company already provides mandatory monthly meetings with a psychologist for employees, as well as group meetings with a psychologist. In addition, the company said it uses certain techniques, such as blurring, to prevent employees from being exposed to the full realism of the images.

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Happy birthday, Guantánamo! 7

 Each Year in January, MatrixLeaks will publish the same article - "Happy birthday, Guantanamo!" - until the cruel cage will not be closed - as Mr. Obama promised in January 2010. 

"I intend to close Guantánamo, and would not give it up. Many times I have repeated that the United States does not conduct torture and I will make sure that indeed be so. I will make every effort to increase America's moral reputation in the world", Barack Obama said during his election campaign, in which, among other things, promised to be one of the first things you will do will be closing the Guantánamo base.  Base Guantánamo will be closed to 22. January 2010., believe me."

We are already in 2017. Barack Obama is still two weeks the president of the United States. After two mandates, and after eight years as president. Gunatánamo this week have the birthday cake candles. Fifteen years of existence and there is no indication that it will close the base.

The camp for prisoners at Guantanamo was opened in 2002, under the Bush administration, and its purpose is, how then said - keeping al-Qaeds members who are or will one day be accused of terrorism. The intention was to quit and other individuals who are considered risky for the security of the United States. It all happened while they were extremely fresh wounds from the so-called terrorist attacks of September 11, so the American public greeted the project with Bush's approval. The base is a large 116 square kilometers and consists of several camps, which, because of the treatment of prisoners, can be called concentration camps. The most important are Delta and Iguana Camp. The first twenty prisoners arrived at Guantánamo 11. January 2002. Since then, the base marched hundredth person, some were released, some convicted, all tortured and changed forever.

Amnesty International sends the years appeals to the U.S. government, saying the violation of the rights of prisoners, and one of their reports, in 2005 George W. Bush commented, it seems to me that they do some of their decisions based on the world and accusations of prisoners, people who hate America , people who are trained not to tell the truth. Indeed, America is a free country you do not have the right to hate. Why the hate, you ask? Gunatánamo is the best illustration of the tactics of intimidation, torture by the U.S. government applies worldwide. Just drape the flag of democracy and crime can begin. In peace, for freedom!

   As in the cage

It has already been written about the case of Omar Khadra, "child of Guantanamo". Recently, his sister, Zaynab Khadra, gave an interview for the site Cageprisoners.

Zaynab Khadra said, among other things, how to work with Omar first heard in 2006, four years after being caught. After that, her and her family were allowed two phone calls a year, why they had to travel to Ottawa, because the conversation could be done only from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From the calls of 2009 can be performed via the Red Cross, so now the family is able to hear with Omar even three to four times a year. Zaynab said her brother grew up, his voice is more mature, his dialect is changed, such that the same person, and yet completely different. Omar does not believe in the legal system, the only way to find faith and rare interviews with his family. It acts more powerful than all of us, "said Zaynab.
Numerous other interviews can be found at the above-mentioned website. Cageprisoners is a British non-profit organization founded by former inmates of Guantanamo. On their website you can find personal testimonies, reports and latest news related to Guantánamo. Their goal is to be the voice of those who can not speak.

                                Omar Khadra at the time of his arrest and today (

Update 2017

Omar Khadr turns 30 today. Released on bail in May 2015, he still faces limitations to his freedom and legal challenges ahead. Canadians must not be complacent about our obligation to him. For 14 years, we allowed grave violations of his fundamental rights, including torture and abuse when he was a child. Our individual liberties and equality before the law depend on the universal enforcement of rights, and remedy for rights that have been violated. On Omar’s 30th birthday, we must acknowledge all the ways Canada failed him.


   Death as a way

When you torture, humiliate, intimidate, offend, and they themselves may be unsure why, when you are about to end power and a better tomorrow eludes you every day, as the only way you might see them - death. By 2008, at Guantanamo were recorded four committed suicide and hundreds of attempts. It is a fact known to the public, and can only guess at the actual figures, which are assumed to be higher. Only in August 2003 there were eight three p.m. suicide attempt, which the Pentagon described as "manipulative behavior". 10 June 2006, three prisoners were found dead. The official statement was that the Pentagon appears to have committed suicide pact. Prison commander Admiral Harry Harris said the reason for suicide could not be despair, because the reasons for the despair and depression inmates had. I tried to kill himself, said Shad Muhammad, of twenty from Pakistan, was captured in Afghanistan in 2001 and sent to Gunatánamo 2002. I tried four times, because we are disgusted by my life. We needed more blankets, but they did not listen. They never listened, "he said. Washington Post reported that documents on the methods of all sorts torture in Gunatánamo - exposure to hot and cold during sleep, bright light, extremely loud music, hard tests.

   Admit it and you will receive medication

Adel El-Gazzar, former prisoner Gunatánama, the base has arrived with injured leg, after twenty to give a long journey from Pakistan. Twenty-five days he spent in what was then Camp X-ray (the camp was established in 2002, later repealed, and the prisoners were transferred to Camp Delta). After these twenty-five days after being rushed to the hospital to his amputated leg. El-Gazzara asked that he cleaned the wound and change dressings every day, as though to avoid amputation, but his request was denied. Wound was opened and forced him to a shower several times a day, and every new contact with water it was very painful. One day is spent crying in pain. There was a doctor with painkillers. I'll give you a drug, and the pain will go away for ten minutes, you just have to first sign a confession that you are a member of al-Qaeda, he said. El-Gazzara has refused to sign a confession. Shortly after his leg was amputated. During his stay in the database, even thirteen prisoners amputated leg. He says that the problem was not in wounds, and which were not great, but the inadequate medical treatment for which he came to amputation. Despite the pain the prisoners were able to sleep only at certain times and certain number of hours. If they violate the rules, hit them in the head, they took blankets, denied food, and threatened with further abuse.
Adel El-Gazzara after eight years was released from Gunatánamo and sent to Slovakia, the first thing I did was that I cried like a baby. I was really, really happy to leave this awful place, but also sad because my brothers who remained there. I wondered how I'm going to start a new life in an unfamiliar country, with an uncertain future. Prisoners in Gunatánamo my brothers, with them, I've spent more years than with his own wife and children. We suffered together under the same conditions. We are one big family, and I am sorry that I left them on the site. You know, it sounds strange - but Gunatánamo world outside is cold, cold place. There are, even in suffering, were together, side by side. Outside, everyone looks at their job, nobody cares for others.

   The future?

Obviously not enough sad that it closed. Announced the relocation of prisoners in long-Thomson Correctional Center in Illionis. However, on 30 April, 2010th year, the base is closed. Another new year prisoners were greeted with the good old Gitmo, no reason to celebrate. They are one hundred and seventy four pending, they should not move, they need freedom, they want to return to their homes from which they were drawn because they are dark and worship Allah. On their face bonded with a label "terrorist ", they are to blame for all the woes of the great American people on behalf of that with them you can handle whatever the big ones will. Nine years ago, before the eyes of the entire world, with prisoners be treated as the biggest vermin, scum who should be removed from this otherwise vibrant planet. Muslims are guilty!

They hang up first, so they are tried. As the Wild West. Just as the Wild West were both good cowboys, brave fighters who would proudly rode into the sunset.

Guantanamo Bay - The Guantanamo Bay detention camp is a US military prison located in Cuba. It was established in January 2002 by the Bush Administration to held, without charge or trial, detainees captured all over the world as part of the War on Terror. Notorious for its abuses and denial of due process, it is widely recognised as “the Gulag of our time”.

780 men, all Muslim and aged from 13 to 89, have been detained there outside any legal framework. The US authorities refused to apply the Geneva conventions protecting the rights of the prisoners of war. Instead, they were labelled ‘enemy combatants’ even though many of them were not captured on any battlefield.

Initially portrayed as “die hard terrorists”, US data shows that 92% of the detainees were not regarded as Al Qaeda fighters by the US government.

658 detainees have been released from Guantanamo Bay after years of detention without charge or trial. Out of the 122 remaining detainees, 54 have been cleared for release and 35 have been designated for ‘indefinite detention’ but cannot be charged with a crime due to the lack of evidence. Nine detainees have passed away while in custody at Guantanamo Bay.

Note: The first article was written a six year ago can be read here.
I hope that I would not write about this inhumanity who looks like that is from the 14th century!!!

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