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Highway of death

What happened prior to nineteen years in Iraq and why is it just remember today? We all know the "Desert Storm", but most of our media have not led the way "highway of death". In it are thousands of other corpses of Iraqi soldiers, who deserve it this year at the end, nineteen years later, their story finally finds its place. It is time for the trip what you never dreamed of, a journey of death and nightmares after the war winding country roads.

                 Photo (karachifriends.com): Consequences of the Gulf War are still awaiting compensation

 19 years ago in Iraq took place on one of the worst massacres in the history of wars. Despite assurances from the Bush regime to Iraqi soldiers who retreat will not be attacked, it happened just the opposite. Iraqi soldiers and civilians were massacred after Saddam Hussein ordered the withdrawal from Kuwait. More than a hundred thousand Iraqi soldiers were killed in five weeks, most of the time than a hundred hours of the war. Tens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers were killed in illegal weapons, the most brutal ways possible. When the commandant of the General Staff, General Colin Powell, when asked about the number of casualties suffered by Iraqi soldiers he said: "I have no idea and I do not take any effort to learn." This is the same man who talked and argued for months after "Desert storm "that is his goal to" make the world scared to death by U.S. forces. "Powell as Secretary of State, lied to the world about the war in Iraq, 2002nd and 2003, but his tendency to falsehood and an affinity for the killing, up to come to the fore precisely in 1991. Before the war being waged in many countries have attempted to answer the United States from attack. Moscow has come out with a peace plan, which Bush called "cruel barbarism". Bush went on to say that the only goal that the Iraqi forces leave Kuwait. When he was asked by a reporter how to withdraw when the Iraqis are constantly bombarded with, Bush replied: "For them to find a solution." Saddam Hussein ordered the withdrawal of Iraqi forces from Kuwait in February 25 1991st year. This command, along with an earlier statement the White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater that the U.S. would not attack Iraqi forces are withdrawn, it seems like the beginning of the end of violence in Kuwait and Iraq. Would it really be so!

    Last Ride

February 25 1991, on the loop roads that lead from Kuwait, American planes, flying low to support the troops on the ground, they arrived and saw a long column of vehicles on the highway, get out of town. Vehicles were flooded with Iraqi military personnel, mostly unarmed, and civilians of various nationalities. Marines allowed the vehicle went out of town, and then they set up barriers with antitank mines on roads, which made it impossible to further the movement of vehicles. The column of vehicles was several kilometers long, and thousands of passengers could not be anywhere to run. Killing zones were divided into 8 aircraft, which were sent to the target area every 15 minutes. According to Colonel N. Moore, commander of Marine Air Wing 3: "It was like shooting a turkey ..."
By the morning of 26 February 2 Marine Division and their supporting Brigade (Tiger) from the second Military Armoured Division, arrived at the place of slaughter. Other units on the ground were followed. The massacre that became known as the "Highway of Death" could begin. American troops noticed by thousands of Iraqis trying to escape from the highway.They attacked the helpless soldiers from the higher courts, blowing up cars and people trapped in this chaos. The planes were showered with grenades blocked vehicles. General Schwarzkopf command were to "not let nobody or nothing that came out of Kuwait City." Iraq's retreat continued north of years, where the two main roads leading to the Iraq divide by El-Mutlaa. Because the main roads were so congested, Iraqi troops were straggling along the coastal route. These soldiers have suffered the same fate as the soldiers of the "Highway of Death". According to a U.S. soldier who witnessed the event: "There was nothing else to scattered rocks, 5-7 miles bombed vehicles. Air Force have been tasked to operate throughout the area, to find anything that moves and to destroy. " The besieged Iraqi troops were also massacred. According to press reports of 27 February: "One Navy pilot, who asked not to be identified, said the Iraqi soldiers hang a white flag and opened his tank turret, searching the sky binoculars. The pilot said that according to the rules of the allies involved in this action, Pilots continued to bombard the tanks until the soldiers would not leave the vehicle and the vehicle would not be left behind. "
According to Greenpeace, called "On Impact": "On the deck of U.S. aircraft carriers USS Ranger, air attacks on Iraqi soldiers have occurred continuously and rapidly ... that the pilots were said to have taken a bomb to reach and they were closest to the deck. Anti-submarine planes S-3 Viking are also involved in the campaign, carrying cluster bombs. Number of aircraft carried out by the attacks was so great that the control tower had to divert planes to avoid the collision occurred".Scenes on March 10 coastal roads were terrible. The journalist Michael Kelly described them thus: "The length of 50-60 miles north of years, the Iraqi border, the road was flooded with vehicles exploded and seared, and blown with burnt bodies ... I have not seen the bodies that did not belong to a man in uniform. It was not always easy to notice because the power of the explosion and the heat of the fire burned most of the clothing on the soldiers, and most of their remains were burned and disfigured so that they turn it into a condensed, mummified mass. "On the other hand, General McPeak  felt great pride in massacres. He said: "When the enemy army defeated, they retreat. During this phase, picking up the real fruits of the victory achieved in the fight when the enemy is disoriented and disorganized. "

                                                                 Highway of death

    Gratis massacre

In addition to the massacre of the "Highway of Death" took up another crime, forgotten by the rest of the world. In the first two days of the war on the ground (24 and 25 February 1991. The) American troops, using tanks and excavators that have been specially equipped, buried thousands of Iraqi soldiers live. Three 1st Brigade Infantry Division used the tactic of destroying trenches and bunkers, which was defended by about 10 000 Iraqi soldiers. The attack was carefully planned and executed. According to American participants in this attack, about two thousand of Iraqi soldiers surrendered and is buried alive. Most of the other, about eight thousand, was buried alive under tons of sand - and many of them while they were trying to surrender. Captain Bernie Williams was rewarded for his share of work with Silver Stars. He said: "Once we went from there, except those who had surrendered, no one is left behind." After the ceasefire, in an interview with "New York Newsday", Colonel Maggart and Moreno have come out with the first public testimony about the burying of living Iraqi soldiers.
The technique of burying soldiers included a pair of M1-A1 tanks with plows. Tanks take up position on either side of the trenches. Bradley fighting vehicles and Vulcan stretch would be along the lines of trenches and shot each of Iraqi soldiers who tried to get away while the tanks are covered the piles of sand. According Morenovim claims: "I went immediately after the leading companies. What I saw was a myriad of buried trenches with human hands and things that are sticking out of them." Maggart is however said: "I know that the burial of living people rather nasty, but it would be mouch more nasty that we send our soldiers in the trenches and making them clean."

                                                     Photo (orthocuban.com): Colin Powell

   "Really we destroy them"

Less than a week after the White House spokesman assured the world that American forces will not attack retreating Iraqi army, most of that army was destroyed while retreating. When the operation ended, Iraq was overdue. One of the conditions of the ceasefire was that Iraq must pay Kuwait $ 50 billion in repatriation because of the damage caused by the United States. When he started the program "Oil for Food", the first 15% of all revenues collected from Iraq went into Kuwait. The most terrifying fact of the end of Operation Desert Storm "is the pride of the American government and the commander at the top. They were ordered unnecessary slaughter and are proud of every time they spoke publicly about it. Powell and McPeak were given military honors that they were denied a couple of decades ago in Vietnam. Statement by the Spokesperson Fitzwater was obvious lie, one big deception. He, nor anyone else from the administration failed to pay the price that big lie. Paid by the bodies were mutilated in the "Highway of Death". To the last cent, and with interest.  
Jane Austen once said: "The more I get to know the world, I believe more how I'll never find a man who I can really love." Had Austen alive today to celebrate the two hundred and thirty fifth birthday. On Tuesday in Gaza celebrated the twenty-three years of Hamas. Mahalo to the flags, green banners were hung from every balcony. The theme of my article is not cause for celebration, but yet another of those stories crushing the human race. Such seems to have stock for eternity.

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