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   FBI spying through a Web Camera

 - FBI has had secret webcam spying technology 'for several years'
- Technique activates a webcam without turning on the recording light
- The same malware has been used illegally by 'ratting' hackers

The US government has been able to secretly spy on its citizens through their computer’s webcams for several years, it has been revealed.

The FBI has long been able to activate a computer’s camera without triggering the ‘recording light’ to let the owner know the webcam is on, a former assistant director of its tech division has said.

Their usage of remote administration tools (RATs) comes to light as the world's most powerful technology firms call on Barack Obama to curb government more

   Wikileaks - Americans without evidence 

Although the investigation and ultimate harassment Bradley Manning accused of revealing secrets Wikileaks takes months, U.S. investigators have acknowledged that they have no evidence that it did.

 According to NBC News, which calls for U.S. military sources, has so far not uncovered any evidence that would confirm the charges gives Bradley Manning, a U.S. soldier accused of being stripped and passed tens of thousands of confidential documents, Wikileaks and Julian Assangeu really did.
And is not that they did not try.

Manning for months at a military prison where he was denied contact with any other prisoner, and under cover, be careful not to commit suicide, every 10 minutes must respond in solitary confinement and confirm that the guard more 

 Google and the NSA's secret service

U.S. consumer groups has asked Congress for information about the cluster of Google with the U.S. secret service NSA.

In an open letter, addressed to the member of Congress Darrell Issa, an association called 'Consumer Watchdog' submitted a request to create a parliamentary committee to investigate the extent to which Google exchanges data with the secret service NSA. It will also require investigation as to whether Google secret parts of its network of agents provides a basis for mutual communication.

 Issa's deputy president of the state control and state reforms. He and other lawmakers have repeatedly expressed concern about the relationship between Google and government more 

 VIDEO: "I was economic hitman"

John Perkins, economist, himself says that his life was more like the life of James Bond than a businessman. He is the author of the book "Confessions of economic hit man" in which he describes his work for the U.S. secret service NSA and global corporations.
During 80-ies of the last century was present in almost all Third World countries that are rich in resources, trying to destabilize their economies and the they do the American colonies. On several occasions they threatened him, trying to prevent publication of a book, but he finally decided to release after 11.9.2001. and attacks on the World Trade Centre towers. Soon after he came out, the book reached the top spot on the bestseller page, and long remained among the ten best-selling. Despite U.S. and international mainstream more

    An increase of unresolved tensions with 9/11 Questions

Several controversial issues still plaguing the United States government and their version of the events of September 11, 2001. Who holds political power with the media elite would like to see the ongoing debates around the base unanswered 9 / 11 questions and differences disappear, despite mountains of evidence that suggest that citizens of the United States has said little much about the truth of the largest single day attack in the history of their homeland. Almost ten years after the events, there are still many unanswered questions: How did building 7 fall? What caused the destruction of the twin towers? Where is Osama Bin Laden? These are people who question the official version of 9 / 11 conspiracy theorists dangerous?

Academics and intellectuals who have tried to answer these questions have been ignored or derided by the company public (and even some left-liberal) media, policy experts and government officials who, apparently, to reduce to silence the so-called Movement for nine elevenths Truth, or anyone who questions more 

  Wikileaks revealed a U.S. conspiracy against the European nations

Wikileaks continues to rock the political world by shedding light on conspiracies, corruption and cover-ups. The latest batch of diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks reveals what can only be characterized as a U.S.-led conspiracy to force GMOs onto European countries by making those countries pay a steep price if they resist.

The cable reveals the words of Craig Stapleton, the US ambassador to France, who was pushing the commercial interests of the biotech industry by attempting to force GMOs into France. In his own words (below), he expresses his frustration with the idea that France might pass environmental laws that would hamper the expansion of GMOs:
 "Europe is moving backwards not forwards on this issue with France playing a leading role, along with Austria, Italy and even the [European] Commission... Moving to retaliation will make clear that the current path has real costs to EU interests and could more 

  An Actionable Plan for 9/11 Truth

As each anniversary of 9/11 rolls by, the import of this tragedy looms ever larger in our history. Especially looming like storm clouds on the horizon of American politics are the unanswered questions about these events. And as new evidence and new whistleblowers come forward seemingly every week, the import of the 9/11 truth movement multiplies in historic significance. All of this points to the urgent need for a new, independent investigation with subpoena and other grand jury powers—a citizen’s commission that is truly free of partisan political interference.
As we approach 9/11’s tenth anniversary, we are reminded—each time we pick up a newspaper—that the government’s “official 9/11 story” resulted in three interminable wars: Afghanistan, Iraq, and the War on Terror. The official line also conveniently set the stage for more

  Dead Men Tell No Tales

On September 30, the CIA and Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) assets under the Agency's control, assassinated the alleged "external operations" chief of the Afghan-Arab database of disposable Western intelligence assets, also known as Al-Qaeda, Anwar al-Awlaki, and a second American citizen, Samir Khan, the 25-year-old editor of Inspire magazine, in a drone strike in Yemen.
As The Washington Post reported last month, the "commingling" of CIA officers, JSOC paramilitary troops and contractors "occupy an expanding netherworld between intelligence and military operations" where "congressional intelligence and armed services committees rarely get a comprehensive view."
 Or any "view" at all, which is precisely what the CIA and Pentagon have long desired; an oversight-free zone where American policymakers operate more 

  9/11 Pre-Warnings

Paul Thompson’s Terror Timeline, as well as his updated version of the 9/11 timeline located at, was the key reference material used. For further information regarding the information presented, see original articles used in Thompson’s research, mentioned throughout.

In a press conference on April 13, 2004, President Bush stated, “We knew he [Osama bin Laden] had designs on us, we knew he hated us. But there was nobody in our government, and I don’t think [in] the prior government, that could envision flying airplanes into buildings on such a massive scale.” [Guardian, 4/15/04] He also said, “Had I any inkling whatsoever that the people were going to fly airplanes into buildings, we would have moved heaven and earth to save the country.” [White House, 4/13/04;New York Times, 4/18/04 (C)]
  This statement is in direct conflict with a May 15, 2002, statement wherein the White House admitted that Bush was warned about bin Laden’s desire to more

  Information Awareness Office

The anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks began releasing documents last week related to what it calls the “mass surveillance industry,” a little-known but expansive underworld of contractors offering tools for governments — from brutal dictatorships to more moderate Western states — to monitor citizens and hunt down dissidents. Furious activists reacted to the revelations by calling for stricter controls and measures to hold the firms accountable as “accomplices” to mass murder.
 The information released so far covers over 150 companies spanning more than two dozen nations. The documents highlight the nature and growth of a multi-billion-dollar industry that, in addition to supplying espionage assistance to the most murderous regimes on earth, has been quietly turned against citizens in supposedly “free” countries as more 

  The new blame for 9/11

When 9/11 first occurred, many people were devastated. Speculations ran around in the early days, but the American government assured us that it was masterminded by Osama bin Laden who had hired and trained Saudi nationals to complete the task. Eventually, it was claimed that Saddam Hussein was also involved and that we needed to invade Iraq, leaving us fighting two fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A few years later, after we’ve captured Hussein, we’re told bin Laden isn’t all that important and that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is the evil mastermind behind 9/11. He was, apparently, part of al-Qaida, so there was still a need to capture bin Laden, but Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is the person who is responsible for the entire mess we have gotten ourselves more 

  Secret CIA Mind Control Experiments

1959, the Height of the Cold War. The Manchurian Candidate, a thriller novel written by Richard Condon, sends shivers across the nation as to the possibility of a secret U.S. Government mind control experiment program gone amok enters the mainstream. The story is about the son of a prominent political family who has been brainwashed into becoming an unwilling assassin for the Communist Party.

 In the film, Major Bennett Marco, Sergeant Raymond Shaw and the rest of their platoon are captured during the Korean War in 1952 and are all brainwashed into believing Shaw saved their lives in combat. They go back home and Shaw gets the Medal of Honor. However, Marko begins to have a frequent nightmare in which more

  The shocking truth about oil

Most people do not know that petroleum is infinite. It is a common misperception that oil was created from a decaying process from ancient forests and dinosaurs, but it is simply not true, according to a new book, "The Great Oil Conspiracy: How the U.S. Government Hid the Nazi Discovery of Abiotic Oil from the American People" by New York Times bestselling author Dr. Jerome Corsi.

Some believe in the abiotic theory for the origin of oil, which asserts oil is "a natural product the Earth generates constantly rather than a 'fossil fuel' derived from decaying ancient forests and dead dinosaurs." "For decades, the confiscated German documents remained largely ignored in a United States where petro-geologists and petro-chemists were convinced that oil was a 'fossil fuel' created by ancient decaying biological debris," as reported by WND. Corsi suggests that the US government and Big Oil conspired to bury more

  Researchers find most BitTorrent users being monitored

Researchers from Birmingham University in the UK have found that users who frequent BitTorrent file sharing sites such as The Pirate Bay, risk having their IP address logged by monitors as quickly as within three hours of getting on. The team, led by Tom Chothia, discovered the extent to which monitors are tracking users on such sharing sites by monitoring activity themselves over a two year period. They found as they note in their paper presented this week at the SecureComm conference, that virtually all users of such sites wind up having their IP address noted and recorded at some point.

 BitTorrent file sharing sites work by means of a Peer to Peer sharing scheme. Users log in and download chunks of a file they want from several different other users at the same time who share the load as a swarm. At the same time, files that they've already downloaded are more  

 9/11: A Geo-political Monster

The victims of 9/11 are not only encountered in New York. The victims of 9/11 lived in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya and today, in Syria, campaigns created and wars waged on the back of the most shocking example of the manipulation of fear in the history of humankind. 9/11 was an insult to the memories of the deceased, an insult to their families.

The anomalies of the 9/11 attacks have been ably exposed by researchers over the last eleven years, since two aircraft slammed into the Twin Towers just before they appeared to be demolished in a classic implosion operation, since an "aircraft" turned the Pentagon into the Quadragon, yet leaving the lampposts through which it had to pass standing, and before another aircraft allegedly vanished...all 200 tonnes of it, including engines.

If wreckage of the Air France 447 was found at sea, then it is totally impossible more 

    Marilyn Monroe Mystery

A half century has not dimmed skeptics' suspicions about the death of Marilyn Monroe at age 36, but the intervening decades have seen technological leaps that could alter the investigation were it to occur today.

DNA, more sophisticated electronic record-keeping, drug databases and other advances would give investigators more information than they were able to glean after Monroe's Aug. 5, 1962, death – 50 years ago.

Whether any of the tools would lead to a different conclusion – that Monroe's death from acute barbiturate poisoning was a probable suicide – remains a historical "What If?"

 "The good news is we're very advanced from 50 years ago," said Max Houck, a forensic consultant and co-author of "The Science of Crime Scenes." "The bad news is, we're still trying more

  Secret Weapon

It was a case destined for the X-Files and conspiracy theorists alike, when Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez speculated that the US might have developed a way to weaponise cancer, after several Latin American leaders were diagnosed with the disease. The list includes former Argentine president, Nestor Kirchner (colon cancer) Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff (lymphoma cancer), her predecessor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (throat cancer), Chavez (undisclosed), former Cuban president Fidel Castro (stomach cancer) Bolivian president, Evo Morales (nasal cancer) and Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo (lymphoma cancer).

What do they have in common besides cancer? All of them are left-wing leaders. Coincidence? In his December 28, 2011 end-of-year address to the Venezuelan military, Chavez hinted that the US might have found a way to give Latin American leaders cancer. “Would it be so strange that they’ve invented the technology to spread cancer more 
  America's “worst nightmare”

Greenwald: Snowden has enough information to cause US govt ‘worst damage in history’

Former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden possesses dangerous information which could potentially lead to America's “worst nightmare” if it is revealed, according to the journalist who first published Snowden's leaked documents.

“Snowden has enough information to cause more damage to the US government in a minute alone than anyone else has ever had in the history of the United States,” Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian journalist responsible for publishing some of Snowden’s first leaks, told Argentina-based newspaper La Nación.

“But that's not his goal. His objective is to expose software that more

 JFK Files - five decades later

   Researchers are most interested in the file on George Joannides, a CIA agent who may have had a connection to Lee Harvey Oswald and acted as a liaison on a later assassination investigation

Fifty years after the assassination of President John F Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, researchers are still investigating his mysterious murder.

Thousands of pages pertaining to the assassination are still sealed, and researchers are calling for a complete public release.

Jefferson Morley, former Washington Post Reporter currently suing the CIA to release the data, is most interested in a file containing about 300 pages on the now-deceased CIA agent George Joannides.

Joannides, Morley believes, may have had contact with suspected assassin Lee Harvey Oswald prior to the shooting and later served as Langley's liaison for a JFK assassination investigation in the more

   The Orlando mass murderer

The Orlando mass murderer, Omar Mateen, worked for G4S, one of the largest private security employers in the world. G4S has some 625,000 employees spanning five continents in more than 120 countries. As a private security company it provides services for both governments as well as corporations. Some of its well-known contractors are with the British Government, the United States, Israel, Australia and many more. G4S providers a range of services in the areas of corrections, policing, and security of important facilities. In the corporate sector it has worked with such well-known companies such as Chrysler, Amtrak, Apple, and the Bank of America.

A statement from G4S, published by The Independent June 12 says that: “We are shocked and saddened by the tragic even that occurred at the Orlando nightclub. We can confirm that Omar Mateen had more

   Mysterious Metal Towers Pop Up Overnight in New York

What ARE the mysterious $100M metal towers popping up at tunnels and bridges all over New York and why won’t the MTA say?

Everyone knows New Yorkers are tough to rattle, but even the most machismo Manhattanites are mumbling nervously about some mysterious metal towers that seemingly appeared overnight at the openings of tunnels around the city. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has an answer, but no one who’s used the New York subway system trusts what they say. To make things more sinister, the towers are rumored to be connected to Homeland Security and the MTA chairman was very evasive when questioned. Conspiracy theory, here we come!

The story was broken by CBS2 in New York City. According to the report, little is known about the mysterious towers project except the price — $100 million. That alone is enough to cause concern because government officials looking to more

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