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Behind Syria chemical attacks


Mysterious Metal Towers Pop Up Overnight in New York

Be careful, think what you talk on the phone!

The Seeds Of Suicide: How Monsanto Destroys Farming

FBI mess - arrest of the undercover agents

Microsoft workers ‘forced to watch’ child porn

Happy birthday, Guantánamo! 7


Private Military Companies

The Orlando mass murderer

Historical Places You Are Not Allowed to Visit

Happy birthday, Guantánamo! 6


Corporate News Ignores Connections Between Extreme Weather and Global Warming

Europe in crisis

ISIS and Islam: The Ugly Truth

70 years Since the Great Victory!

America Hell-Bent on War

Happy birthday, Guantánamo! 5


5 Myths About Marijuana Debunked

Top 10 Greatest Problems Humanity Currently Faces

Another Fake Bin Laden Story

Kids For Cash

( Bad ) Karma Amerikana

Fake Cell Towers

UN warns Britain over child voodoo rituals, pedophile sex tourists

“They Have To Die”

State of the Bible Survey

For most families, wealth has vanished

The Home

Facebook - The Perfect Mass Surveillance Tool

Wake Up, Internet -- Time to Save Yourself

How to Beat the Banksters

A Tortured Twist on Ethics

The US and Britain’s Paedophile Colony

“Black Box” Brain Chip Implant

Distorting Russia

Big Brother is Watching You

Age of Humans

The Real Reason for the Afghan War?

Return of Al-Qaida

Happy birthday, Guantánamo! 4


FBI spying through a Web Camera

Apartheid Amnesia

WikiLeaks - Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)

World of child cage fighting

We're All Terrorists Now

America, 1984 and New World

The Vatican Billions

Open letter to the President Barack Obama

Last Interview before the War

JFK Files - five decades later

Hollywood and CIA

America's “worst nightmare”

The Invisible War

Iraq: A decade of abuse

Your whole body - authentication token

Quantum Internet

Obama’s cybersecurity plan

Enemy of the future

Ghost Marriage

Financial Hell

Electronic tattoos

Secret Weapon

Mother Teresa: anything but a saint...

Rape as a Weapon of War

Kill The Petrodollar

A rape victim could be charged?!!!

A Tale of Cocaine Trafficking, Sex Crime Charges, Extraordinary Rendition & Julian Assange

Anti-suicide nasal spray for U.S. Army

Money, Sex, the Holy Bible...

Happy birthday, Guantánamo! 3

Joystick Death

The World Water Crisis


Which Obama should we believe?

Computers - next target

Inhumane control

Who Benefits From the Organized Violence of War?

The end of the New World Order

Provoking Russia

Marilyn Monroe Mystery

How Dangerous Is Childhood?

A Manifesto for Psychopaths

Middle East Energy War

Top 10 Evil Human Experiments

Who's afraid of Muslim Rage?

9/11: A Geo-political Monster

Researchers find most BitTorrent users being monitored

War drums in the Middle East

U.S. Social Security orders 174,000 hollow-point bullets

Al Qaeda Blitzkrieg: West’s Terror Battalions Eye Russia Next

Sexual Humiliation, a Tool to Control the Masses

Collecting rainwater - a criminal offense

Self-Immolation for freedom

Aborted Babies - Big business

How Children End Up In The Hands Of The Abuser?

Was Iranian molecular scientist 'executed'?

Modern economic slavery

Bush Convicted of War Crimes

Innocent victims

Shocking truth about oil

Secret CIA Mind Control Experiments

Global Great Depression and Population Reduction

German-Swiss tax war

Ten Companies Profiting Most from War

Threat of Permanent War and Nuclear Dominance

Milkman subjected to extreme torture!

Imperialism and its agents

Very bad news for the U.S., Britain and Israel

R.I.P. America

Paranoia and Crime - reveals Wikileaks

Who is poisoning us

Nazification of America is almost complete

New York Times interview with Lizzie Phelan

FBI - Internet Privacy is Suspicious Activity

Shoot first, ask later!

SOPA, ACTA and Internet Freedom

Big Brother has a Twitter

Cyber - Warfare

Arrest US War Criminals to stop more war on Iran

Totalitarianism and dictatorship - Obama's New Year's gift


New blame for 9 / 11

Shame of the Nation

Dossier OBAMA - Who is Obama really?

You've been Trumped - Humanity and greed

Victims of someone's War

Information Awareness Office

Legal drug cartel

Shut down the Federal Reserve

The crisis - no, thank you

9/11 Pre-Warnings

Iran - the next target?

Enough War!

Occupy for Life

Dead Men Tell No Tales

TOP SECRET DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases)

We will be defeated in September!

American Drug Industry Uses the Poor as Human Guinea Pigs

CIA, US Military Operating Inside Mexico’s “Drug War”

Lying about war, Part 2

Lying about war

Energy War: NATO,Sudan,China

An Actionable Plan for 9/11 Truth

Media Blackout - Nuclear Incident in Nebraska

Fukushima Forever

Wikileaks revealed a U.S. conspiracy against the European nations

Blackwater’s hidden clients

Guns at Texas colleges

Osama bin Laden - unofficial version

United Kingdom died at the hands of Scotland?

CIA Murderer Release for $2.3 Million

Russian hands over Europe

The war that we do not see

Testament of the Libyan revolution leader

USA seeking refuge for Gaddafi

Divide and conquer

External Capitalist Forces Wreak Havoc in Africa

Hollow earth

Obama’s Charter School Policies Spread Segregation and Undermine Unions

The Holocaust Industry

Libya: A new war for oil - the history and truth, Part 4

Libya: A new war for oil - the history and truth, Part 3

Libya: A new war for oil - the history and truth, Part 2

Libya: A new war for oil - the history and truth

Return of exiled Haitian President

The H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic: Manipulating Data to Enrich Drug Companies

War Crimes of General Stanley McChrystal

The most important protest

US Presidents Charged with Crimes Against Humanity as Universal Jurisdiction Dies in Spain

The horror that can not be forgotten

(R)evolution of evil

Highway of death

True Cost of Chevron

Be wise, legalize

An increase of unresolved tensions with 9 / 11 Questions

"Revenge is inevitable"

American struggle for the world's top

Health Care Restrictions Cost Thousands of Lives in US

Happy birthday, Guantánamo!

VIDEO: "I was economic hitman"

Fund of the United States and supports the Taliban

The country which they lied

Blackwater (Xe): The Secret US War in Pakistan

Google and the NSA's secret service

Criminal pyramid on Wall Street


Wikileaks - Americans without evidence

Massacre in Peruvian Amazon over US Free Trade Agreement

Global Plans to Replace the Dollar

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